[It turns out that women’s fatigue is closely related to it]

[It turns out that women’s fatigue is closely related to it]

Why are men more powerful than women?

Related experts on this issue made the following analysis: 1.

Caused by anemia.

Anemia is expected to be low in hemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting the oxygen inhaled from the lungs to various parts of the body.

Sexual health products When the body’s tissues are inadequately oxygenated, people feel fatigued.

Women may develop anemia due to excessive blood loss during or after menstruation.

In addition, iron deficiency, folic acid or vitamin B12 can also cause anemia.

If you often feel tired, feel weak, cold hands and feet, and dizzy, consider whether you have anemia.

If the answer is yes, it is best to eat more spinach and red meat.

After the anemia is cured, the symptoms of fatigue will disappear in less than 30 days.


[Does chicken soup simmer?]

[Does chicken soup simmer?]

Before the chicken soup is boiled, it is necessary to simmer the water. This is very important. If it is not simmered, the chicken soup stewed by itself will have a very bad taste, and it must be removed first.This is also a very critical cooking step. It will not make people feel bloody when they drink chicken soup. If there is, it will greatly reduce people’s appetite.

1. First add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, and put the cut chicken pieces in the water. The chicken should not be in the water. Remove the chicken immediately after it is boiled on high heat.Have nasty blood stains).

2. Put the cleaned chicken into a pressure cooker, add thick ginger slices and 2 shallots, add one tablespoon of cooking wine (preferably using Shaoxing rice wine), put the cleaned wolfberry, codonopsis, angelica (less put, a small piece is(Yes), red dates (4 or 5 capsules can be used, and more soup will have a sour taste), 3 longan meat, if you are afraid of getting angry, remove angelica, add 5 grams of Yuzhu, barley, and add a little salt (to make chicken) Into the flavor), add water to the chicken about an inch, cover the lid and valve, and put it on the stove and boil on high heat.

3. After steaming the autoclave, change the medium heat pressure for 5 minutes, and then change the low heat pressure for 10 minutes (to keep the soup clear and not turbid), turn off the heat and wait for the pressure of the autoclave to decrease.

4. After the steam is released, open the lid, pick out the ginger and spring onion, add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence to season (according to personal preferences), and one pot of fragrant chicken soup will be ready. Drink it.

5. If it is stewed in a normal soup pot, add more water, do not add water halfway, otherwise the soup will not taste fragrant; stew for 10 minutes on high fire, and then simmer for 1 hour on a low fire (tender chicken, such as stewing old hen, double the time), Just season.

6, you can also use a covered ceramic container to stew over water (this stew method tastes the most mellow, is commonly used in Cantonese stew), put the lid of the container with the ingredients into the steamer, the condition can be used tissue paperWet the water in the container (adjust the taste first), and steam it on high heat for about 2 hours.

7, if you use a steamer to stew, you don’t need to put water in it, and the steam condenses into soup. The taste is very strong and mellow. The stew method is similar to water-proof stew.

8. Regardless of which stew method is used, it is best to remove the chicken oil and stew to avoid being too greasy.

[Fried Flammulina velutipes and what is delicious]_How to make_What method

[Fried Flammulina velutipes and what is delicious]_How to make_What method

Flammulina velutipes is a relatively common edible fungus. Flammulina velutipes has a relatively high nutritional value. It has certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. It has the effect of promoting digestion and promoting detoxification of the body. Flammulina velutipes can be used for cooking.Many, for example, can be fried with bell pepper, you can fry eggs, you can fry tomatoes, you can make this aspect according to your preferences.

Flammulina velutipes and what to eat are delicious. Flavored Flammulina velutipes material. Flammulina velutipes amount of bell peppers. 2 Ginger garlic garlic. Raw sugar and pepper powder. 1. Wash the velveteen mushrooms. Squeeze out water for use. 2. Put oil in the pot and heat it.Slices and minced garlic, fragrant incense 3, stir-fry the enoki mushrooms, add a small amount of water, and cook slightly, the enoki mushrooms become soft and translucent, 4Stir in the flavor, add white sugar, add white pepper powder, and salt to taste. Enoki mushroom fried tomato Enoki mushroom fried tomato two, Enoki mushroom fried tomato material Enoki mushroom 100g, two tomatoes, appropriate amount of spring onion method 1, Wash the Enoki mushroom.

Wash the tomatoes and cut into pieces for later use; 2. Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pot and heat over medium heat; 3, stir-fry the tomatoes after the oil is heated, and fry the tomato juice; 4. Add the enoki mushrooms and stir-fry until cooked;5. Add green onion and mix well with salt.

Three, Flammulina velutipes egg material 400 grams, Flammulina velutipes, 2 eggs, 1 green pepper, salt, pepper method 1, hot scalloped mushrooms, super-cold water, drizzle water to spare (deadness) 2, pour hot oil into the cutGreen peppers and stir fry.

3. Pour in the broken eggs, wait until the eggs are formed, and then flip.

4. Pour the hot enoki mushrooms and stir-fry.

5, add pepper and salt to taste or pour raw soy sauce.

Tip # 1, Flammulina velutipes is simmered in hot water.

2, scrambled eggs, wait until forming, then flip, otherwise the eggs are scrambled.

[Shaoyang headache Chinese medicine]_Headache

[Shaoyang headache Chinese medicine]_Headache

Shaoyang disease is generally related to its own body immunity, and most of it is caused by a cold. People with Shaoyang disease are also more likely to catch a cold. This is a very easy circulation phenomenon. GenerallyWhen treating Shaoyang disease, traditional Chinese medicine is chosen, because important treatments will be more convenient and the effect of treatment will be more obvious. What are the Chinese medicines that can treat Shaoyang headache?

Ingredients: 1, two to two corn.

2, about one or two flour.

3. One or two starches.

4, about two or two sugar (can be increased or decreased according to personal taste).

5, two or three pounds of oil.

6. One egg.

Practices: 1. Stir the chicken in a bowl and mix it into egg liquid.

2. Add two or two pieces of water, flour, and starch to the egg mixture. Stir well and add the bleached corn kernels and mix well.

3. Pour the oil into the pan and bake until it is 80% hot (the oil temperature must be extremely high so that the flour paste can be made into a honeycomb shape). Quickly divide the corn flour paste into a circle and pour it into the oil.Fire for about one minute to light yellow.

4. Remove the fried honeycomb corn and put it on a plate, sprinkle with sugar and serve.

[Honeycomb corn layer]Ingredients: 500g of canned corn, 2 eggs, 100g of corn starch, 50g of cheese flour, moderate amount of water Practice and steps: Open the canned corn step by step, heat the vegetable oil in the pot, and then burn it to30% hot, then pour in corn kernels, fry a little water, then put the pan out and set aside.

The second step is to beat the eggs into the processed corn kernels, add corn starch and cheese flour, and pour about 100 ml of water. When mixing, be careful not to have dough, stir well, and set aside.

Third, after the pan is washed dry, pour in enough oil.

When the temperature of the oil reaches 67%, turn to medium heat and sprinkle some sugar.

Then continue heating until the oil temperature reaches about 150 degrees.

You can pour the prepared corn paste into the oil pan, enter it from the middle of the pan, and turn to low heat to keep it warm, wait for the corn paste to fry and dry, and float the honeycomb solid material to remove it.

Sprinkle with a layer of fine sugar while hot.

Honeycomb corn: simple three-step, simple method, easy to make a complete, fluffy and crispy taste, customers call it delicious, to make this dessert, the most important thing is the flour and water in the preparation of corn pasteProportion, as well as temperature and time control of the frying oil.

The temperature cannot be lower than 150 degrees, and the frying time is generally 2-3 seconds, otherwise it is easy to fry.

How do the elderly grasp the timing of nap?

How do the elderly grasp the timing of nap?

First nap must choose the environment, take a nap indoors, do not desk or rely on the sofa, chair to sleep, take a nap time to master, can not sleep immediately after eating.

  It is said that Mr. Zhao, an elderly nursing expert, said that the nap must first choose the environment, do not sleep under the eaves, in the aisles or under the shade of the trees, because after falling asleep, the body temperature drops, the muscles are slack, the capillaries are dilated, the sweat pores are large, and it is easy to catch a cold.

  In fact, take a nap in the room, do not desk or rely on the sofa, the chair sleeps, but should sleep in the bed, so that it will not cause insufficient oxygen absorption, the blood flow in the head is reduced and “brain anemia” occurs, and the sleeping belt can be avoided.The oppression of the eye, the numbness of the hands and legs, etc.

  Once again, the timing of taking a nap should be mastered. You should not sleep immediately after eating a meal. Just after eating a digestive organ, you are working. At this time, a nap will reduce your digestive function. You should sleep 30 minutes after a meal.

At the same time, sleep time after meals should not be too long, usually 1 hour is better.

  Finally, if you can sleep for 30 minutes before lunch, it is better than sleeping after a meal, especially for the elderly or those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A nap before meals can reduce the risk of cerebral infarction.

Give the mind a little hope

Give the mind a little hope

She, a middle-aged woman, is a successful person with tens of millions of assets. Her daughter is studying in France. When her daughter was one year old, her family was broken because of her husband’s derailment. Although she experienced twenty years of ups and downs,Fighting in the mall, considering more is a career, the company’s gradual growth, strength in the market, still can not be double-shadowed, alone, and left alone.

  During the holiday, she often invited a few friends to her home to gather together. She personally went to the kitchen to cook for everyone. At this time, the nanny became her assistant. When she came, she also had a few drinks and rice.After that is a chat with God.

When the EMBA graduated, she specially invited everyone to Hong Kong to celebrate her.

No one mentioned it about her emotional problems. In fact, everyone is not willing to touch the past marriage that made her sad.

  On her forty-sixth birthday, she sent an invitation to her friends very early. She was very happy at the birthday party, sent away other friends and left us a few.

I noticed that her collection has been for a long time. In her heart, she often chewed it. In her words, when she was alone, she always thought about it with great interest and happiness. Her heart was sweet.

Thinking of this, all the cumbersome things, she forgot, a person sitting there, slowly, sometimes laughed.

  When I was in high school, a handsome boy in the class, my parents were cadres, and the family conditions were very good.

The boy expressed love to her, she did not dare to accept, because she had many sisters at home, her father died in the early years, and the family burden was very heavy. The boy was only looking up in her mind, it was like sacred, every day she looked far away.She is already content with him.

The antique activities in the school, she cheered for the boy, no matter what the boys achieved, she was happy for him.

After graduating, everyone went to work. At first, the classmate knew that the boy was assigned to work in the Public Security Bureau. She sometimes deliberately went to the police station to sneak up on him and stepped into the marriage.
  In the days to come, she will tell this story to her friends from time to time.

  One day last year, one of her female classmates called her and told her that she finally found him. He still works in the Public Security Bureau. He has been divorced for many years. Now he lives alone. He also wants to see her.

As soon as she arrived, she deliberately dressed herself at home, and she was still nervous, afraid to see him, and eager to see him.

  When everyone was attracted by this story, each with a mouth open and squinting to listen to this love story, she paused, and everyone couldn’t wait, and asked in unison: “What later?

Her article: In fact, the beauty of the soul is not to open it. In the years, some people are constantly advancing in progress. Some people have not moved in place. I know that there is such a result. I really should not see it.He, in this way, at least there is still a little bit of my heart in my heart. When I am lonely, I can still recollect it. I can still have a sense of well-being. When I see him, all this is stopped, broken and passed away.

How do vegetarians guarantee balanced nutrition?

How do vegetarians guarantee “balanced nutrition”?

How can vegetarians guarantee “balanced nutrition” in their daily diet?
The British Food Standards Agency has made the latest recommendations.
  Eat nuts to get enough selenium Selenium is a powerful guarantee for the normal functioning of the body’s immune system.
In daily diets, meat, fish and nuts are the best sources of selenium, so for vegetarians, only enough nutrients can be used to ensure adequate selenium intake in the diet.
It is recommended that vegetarians consume a small bag of 15 grams of mixed nuts per day, and it is best to be salt-free.
The supermarket’s dried fruit counters are generally available in a large bag with a small number of small packages. It is best to use these nuts as snacks.
  It can also make up the protein without eating meat. It is very important for vegetarians to ensure adequate protein intake every day.
In addition to meat, there are many ways to make up the protein you need for a day, such as beans (peas, lentils, etc.), nuts, eggs, soy and soy products, wheat protein (cereals, bread, rice, corn, etc.), eachDairy products and the like are all good sources of protein.
Moreover, foods containing a variety of proteins are best eaten together, which is helpful for supplementing essential amino acids, such as bean-rich toast bread, cereal-containing milk, rice and bean salad, bread and cheese.Bean paste bread and so on.
  Vegetarians are also not deficient in iron. Although meat is the best source of iron, it can also be obtained from other foods such as soy products, green vegetables, whole wheat bread, etc. for vegetarians.
In addition, the intake of cereals in breakfast should be strengthened.
If we eat iron-containing foods together with foods rich in vitamin C, it will be more conducive to the body’s absorption of iron. Therefore, vegetarians are advised to eat more fruits and vegetables, or moderately drink fruit and vegetable juices.
Vegetarians should also try to avoid drinks such as tea and coffee, because they will hinder the body’s absorption of iron. It is recommended to drink tea and coffee 1 hour after a meal.
  每日膳食7注意  每天至少食用五种以上的水果、蔬菜;每餐中淀粉类食品的比例要占到1/3,例如面条、米饭、谷物以及豆类;食用一些含有蛋白质的食物,如乳Products, eggs or beans, try to diversify the diet; try to cook food by baking, baking, boiling, steaming or microwave, reduce the process of frying in oil; reduce the intake of sugarReduce the amount of salt added during cooking; ensure daily drinking 1.
2 liters of water, if you are engaged in manual labor, you need more water.

Treating diabetes is not uncomfortable in Western medicine.

Treating diabetes is not uncomfortable in Western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription (1)[Diagnosis]liver qi stagnation.

[Governing law]Shugan qi, attack and break through.

[Party name]Tune the gods to attack the soup.

[composition]15 grams of Bupleurum, 15 grams of Astragalus, 30 grams of Suzi, 30 grams of Codonopsis, 30 grams of Prunella vulgaris, 90 grams of Wang do not leave, 30 grams of oysters, 30 grams of melon, 30 grams of gypsum, 30 grams of dried tangerine peel,30 grams of white peony, 5 grams of Sichuan pepper, 6 grams of licorice, 10 jujubes.

[Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 day, 3 times a day.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription (2)[Differential syndrome]liver stagnation and spleen deficiency.

[Governance]Shugan Jieyu, clearing heat and dispersing.

[name]add flavor to Xiaoyao San.

[Composition]3 grams of licorice, 3 grams of angelica, 3 grams of white peony, 3 grams of Atractylodes, 3 grams of medlar, 3 grams of Bupleurum, cinnamon 2.

1 gram, Hawthorn 2.

1 g.

[Usage]on the rough, Shuijianbi.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription (3)[Differential syndrome]blood heat is flaming, fire poisoning Yin.

[治治]Clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxification and diarrhea.

[Name]Purple root oyster soup.

[composition]15 grams of comfrey root, 15 grams of oyster powder (including fried), 15 grams of angelica, 9 grams of red peony, 6 grams of Chuanxiong, 6 grams of silver flower, 6 grams of cohosh, 6 grams of astragalus, 3 grams of licorice, rhubarb(After the next).

[Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 day, 2 times a day.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription (four)[dialectical syndrome]lack of righteousness.

[治治]qi and nourishing blood, spleen and liver, phlegm and detoxification.


[composition]60 grams of Astragalus, 30 grams of Codonopsis, 15 grams of turmeric, 15 grams of Angelica, 30 grams of Eclipta prostrata, 20 grams of Atractylodes, 15 grams of white peony, 10 grams of heavy building, 30 grams of Salvia, 10 grams of Coix seed,60 grams of ginger stone.

[Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 day, 2 times a day.

Do not do these 6 things in spring health

Do not do these 6 things in spring health

Spring is here, have you been healthy?

Spring is the best season for health. In this beautiful season, women should exercise, nourish, and retain your beauty to retain the footsteps of youth.

But you know?

Spring health, there are six points to pay attention to, these six “no”, you know?

  Don’t say that the beautiful clothes are thin and the saying goes, “Spring and autumn and autumn”, although the spring began to pick up, the temperature gradually rose, and the flowers bloomed.

It is also a season that shows beauty and life.

But in the spring, don’t take off your winter coat and wear a shirt.

Although the yang is gradually growing, the chill is not enough. Pay attention to the temperature difference in early spring. Pay attention to wearing more points in the morning and evening. Don’t wear a thin dress all day long, otherwise it will lead to arthritis and various gynecological diseases.

However, “捂” should also be properly appropriate, basically pay attention to the “thin and thick” on the wear, pay attention to keep warm legs and joints, do not leave the root of the disease.

  Tip: Women who love beauty can take a few more coats, and increase or decrease with the weather, depending on their physical characteristics, age, gender, health status, living environment, occupation, etc.

  Use big sweet and greasy, fried fat, cold and rough food.

  Do not forget tonic spring, pay attention to the diversity of daily diet, to ensure that the body can get rich and sufficient nutrient supply.

  TCM health believes that in the case of strong human body, “evil” is not easy to invade the body, so there will be no disease, so it is very important to enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s disease resistance.

After the horror, the weather warmed, various animals began to move, bacteria and viruses began to grow and reproduce, so some people need to take care of the diet to enhance their physical resistance against the attack of the pathogen or virus.

  TIPS: We can choose the principle of eating, clearing and softening according to the characteristics of spring yang yang, so as not to be counterproductive.

Pay attention to the yin and yang, eat more light food to improve the body’s immunity.

  In the damp environment, staying in the spring for a long time starts to warm up, the moisture in the air gradually increases, and the moisture is very heavy.

Especially in the spring of the South, smog, penetration, and sultry heat provide an environment for the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure ventilation and ventilation inside the living room and office. When the weather is good, it is necessary to dry the bedding and clothes, and keep the indoor dry and breathable when sleeping at night.

You can wear loose cotton clothes to avoid eczema.

  TIPS: In the spring, the temperature rises more, and women should pay more attention to personal hygiene. The underwear worn on the body must be kept dry.

Also pay attention to drying clothes should be aired in a ventilated place to prevent bacteria from growing.

Try not to wear tight pants, do not use sanitary pads for a long time, so as not to make the sultry moisture can not affect the cleaning of the vagina.

  Not eating too much acid and eating, Chinese medicine advocates that the spring diet should “save acid and increase sweetness”, which is the basic rule for raising liver in spring.

Because in the spring, people’s liver is vigorous, and eating acidic foods will lead to excessive liver gas, and liver is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the spring diet is to avoid sweetness.

  Avoid eating too much acidic foods.

Such as lamb, dog meat, clams, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, sea fish, shrimp, crabs and so on.

Eat more foods such as yam, spring bamboo shoots, spinach, jujube, leek and so on.

  Tip: Spring should be more food supplement, choose food with warm characteristics can help yang, appropriate to eat more can achieve the purpose of maintaining yang.

When cooking, put more spicy vegetables such as shallots, garlic, leeks, wormwood, mustard, and fruits.

  Do not “dwelling”, often exercise in the spring and exercise often good for the body.

Because the yang of the spring nature begins to rise, we should follow this and raise the sun.

I think that the world is recovering from the outside world, and there are a hundred birds flying in the sky. In such an environment, people can easily feel the exuberance and vitality of life.

The key to raising Yang is to “move” and not “quiet”. Be active in aiming at exercise, breathing fresh air and sunning.

  TIPS: Women who are almost inferior should not be too angry to exercise. It is best to go out for exercise after the sun rises. In particular, pay attention to hot water, milk, egg soup and other hot soup before exercise. The intensity of exercise should not be tooBig.

  Not angry, often laughing, good spring is not a season that should be angry, nor a season suitable for anger.

As mentioned earlier, in the spring, the liver is yang, and if the mood is excessively irritable or undulating, it is easy to hurt the spleen.

Therefore, it is necessary to be open-minded and physiologically harmonious.And hypermood depression can lead to liver qi stagnation, but also reduce immunity, but also easily lead to mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, in order to be healthy and beautiful, you should let go of your mind and smile. This will keep you young.

  Tip: When something is “gasy”, it is best to take a deep breath for about 10 times and then speak, don’t be hurt by the anger of your anger.

When you encounter something, think about it first. Don’t lie when you are sad. It is a good thing to vent properly.