[Can beef stew with bean curd]_How to make_How to make

[Can beef stew with bean curd]_How to make_How to make

Beef is a very important meat in our lives. It has high nutritional value and has a good taste.

There are many ways to eat beef, which can be paired with different ingredients.

Beans are very suitable for stewing, so when many people eat beef stew, they want to combine it with beans and stew, but they ca n’t see how to match it.

So, can beef stew with beans?

Let’s take a closer look.

Eat meat and beans together, you can qi and blood tonic, nourish the body, and strengthen the spleen and appetizers. Beans have appetite, taste, sweetness, spleen, stomach, kidney, and have spleen and stomach.Thirsty function.

1, spleen and kidney.

The kidney function is weakened, gradually causing metabolic disturbances, protein waste and urea, uric acid, etc. are not excreted, causing complications such as uremia.

The comprehensive effect of various nutritional components of cowpea has the function of strengthening the spleen and kidney. If eaten regularly, it can protect the kidney.

Second, diabetes.

Diabetes has become a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people, mainly due to insufficient oral secretion or imbalance, which can not lower blood sugar, leading to diabetes, which leads to polyuria and thirst.

Cowpea is effective for diabetes, thirst and polyuria.

3, cure bloating and indigestion.

Beans’ dietary fiber and vitamins help digestion and increase appetite.

If you feel abdominal distension, indigestion, etc., eating cowpea often has effect.

Beef has a flat diet and a sweet taste, and has the functions of strengthening the spleen and kidney, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and strengthening muscles and bones.

(1) The amino acid composition of blood-supplementing and health-preserving beef is closer to the needs of the human body than pork, which can improve the body’s resistance to disease, and it has a good effect on supplementing blood loss and repairing tissues for people who grow and develop after the illness.

(2) Nourish the spleen and stomach.

Beef has the functions of tonifying qi and strengthening qi, strengthening the bones and muscles, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and quenching thirst and reducing phlegm. It is suitable for patients with stable mid-air, shortness of breath, weakness of the face, dizziness, and soft muscles.

[Man’s temperament from bedtime actions]

[Man’s temperament from bedtime actions]

Sometimes men are very aware of their land ownership, as if dividing the fragments of life into the mysterious X file, so that women who want to know them can not get a glimpse.

However, there must be evacuation of Baimi. In the short moment before bedtime, men have shown their most self-conscious lifestyle and state of mind.

Here, we scan the men ‘s psychological secret actions by scanning their behavior before going to bed!


Before going to bed, he would go to a bar to analyze the psychology of the man in the bar: he is a man with a big mood fluctuation, and his mood is full of anger and sorrow.

However, in order to let everyone see his mature and introverted, he will quietly hide his emotions, and let out in the bar, seeking psychological balance.

For love, he has a polarized principle: one-night stand is not ruled out, but he will still associate with a stable and married woman.

He needs a fixed relationship to make his mood attached, but his short-lived passion is another emotional outlet for him.

So when you fall in love with this kind of man, you must be mentally prepared. He is a man who follows the “mood” and “feel”.


[After drinking ice cream and drinking hot water]_Attentions_Tips

[After drinking ice cream and drinking hot water]_Attentions_Tips

Ice cream is a common cold drink in people’s diet, but many are not suitable for eating ice cream. Ice cream is still very irritating to the stomach and intestines. Some people will have diarrhea when they eat it, so choose carefully.

Maybe some people think that drinking ice cream and drinking hot water will reduce the effect on the stomach and intestines. In fact, this is wrong. Drinking hot water after eating ice will only aggravate the gastrointestinal tract and bring great harm.

You can drink water after eating popsicles.

But drink cold or warm water, don’t drink boiled water that just fell down.

Otherwise, the hot and cold will irritate the stomach, which is bad for human health.

Too much water to drink more water, it is best to eat cold food, eating too much cold food is not good for your health.

Eating icy foods can cause fires and can cause stomach damage.

Precautions for eating ice cream Do not eat too much at once and eat too much at one time, and adverse reactions will also occur.

Children are prone to cause abdominal pain, middle-aged and elderly people are likely to cause angina, and most people are likely to cause fever, throat contraction and nutritional deficiencies, and may damage teeth.

◇ Do not eat too fast. If you eat too fast, it is easy to stimulate visceral blood vessels to contract, replace local anemia, and gradually disappear the digestive function and bactericidal capacity of the tract, causing inflammation, cholecystitis, and even hepatitis. Some people have a trigeminal tip.Suffering from nerve irritation and headache.

Therefore, usually there are gastrointestinal diseases, cholecystitis should not be eaten too fast, so as not to stimulate internal blood vessels, causing local anemia, weakening the digestive function and bactericidal ability of the transplanted tract, leading to fever, cholecystitis and even hepatitis.

◇ Do not eat before or after meals before or after meals. It affects appetite. Because the temperature of ice cream is low, it will cause blood vessels in the internal tract to contract, which will affect its digestion and absorption capacity and affect the absorption of various nutrients.

If you want to eat, it is recommended between meals.

◇ Melted ice cream cannot be returned to the refrigerator. Melted ice cream should not be frozen and eaten. The recrystallization process will destroy the quality and nutritional content of the ice cream itself.

◇ Pregnant women overeating ice cream are prone to diarrhea. Pregnant women should not eat ice cream, mainly because pregnant women’s digestive juices and digestive enzymes are reduced, their internal functions are weakened, the temperature of ice cream is too low, and the words of excessive consumption will suddenly contract the blood vessels, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.

[Can pumpkin and cucumber be eaten together?

]_ Cucumbers

[Can pumpkin and cucumber be eaten together?
]_ Cucumbers

Cucumbers are also known as cucumbers, and pumpkins, like cucumbers, are common vegetables in life.

These two kinds of melons are very rich in nutrition, and can also exert a certain amount of health and health effects, and can help people treat and prevent diseases.

Of course, there are many ways to eat pumpkin and cucumber, and they can also be matched with many ingredients.

So, can pumpkin and cucumber be eaten together?


Cucumber is sweet, sweet, cool, bitter, non-toxic, enters the spleen, stomach, and large intestine; has the functions of removing heat, diuretic, diuretic, clearing heat and detoxifying; attending to irritability, sore throat, fire eyes, and burns.

There are weight loss effects.

Pumpkin polysaccharide is an unconventional immune enhancer, which can improve the body’s immune function, promote the production of cytokines, and exert multiple regulating functions on the immune system by activating complement.

Consumption of pumpkin: 1. Pumpkin and kelp and kelp are rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids and DHA, vitamin A, vitamin D and so on. They have tonic effect, nourish the liver, and promote milk production.

2, pumpkin and vinegar acetate will destroy the nutritional elements in pumpkin, reducing nutritional value.

3. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are easily stagnation foods. If they are not cooked, they will cause abdominal distension. If they are eaten at the same time, they will cause flatulence, abdominal pain, and spitting water.

Foods related to pumpkin: pumpkin + crab: eating together will cause poisoning pumpkin + peel skin shrimp: dysentery pumpkin + rape: reducing vitamin C absorption pumpkin + carp: eating together will poison poison pumpkin + catfish: eating together is easy to poison, you canUse black beans and licorice to detoxify pumpkin + sea fish: eating together will poison the pumpkin + mutton: at the same time, the two tonics will make you gasp. Pumpkin + yam: pumpkin contains vitamin c decomposing enzymes. If yam is eaten together, vitamin c will be broken down and destroyed.

Pumpkin + shrimp: eating together can cause dysentery, you can use black beans, licorice to detoxify pumpkin + Scutellaria: unwell

How do unmarried men and women see cohabitation and premarital sex?

How do unmarried men and women see cohabitation and premarital sex?

First: get married before marriage can be exercised in advance of the marriage life, to avoid the situation of “love is easy, live together difficult”, and ultimately because life can not be accommodated, and finally break up the divorce to end.

Second: Whether sexual life is harmonious is an important factor in the stability of life after marriage. The previous blind marriage and mischief caused many people to marry and found that the person with the pillow and this sexual function problem, even unable to bear child, led to endure for a lifetime,Either the divorce ends.

Such a marriage can be said to be a waste of time and waste of energy.

Premarital sex allows the other to test sexual ability and whether sex is harmonious.

Third: At the same time, many people misunderstood the meaning of premarital sex. Even many minors have very incorrect attitudes about sex. They think that sex can happen casually. There is no big deal at all, and they do not know how to protect themselves.

The misconduct of minors often has a lot of negative effects on them.

When many people are in their first-time behavior, they are young and have no experience. They often have the shadow of sex, and even affect the normal sex life for a long time.

This situation occurs in men. Under the influence of nervousness and fear, it is easy to have functional problems. Even because of lack of experience, there is no way to successfully complete the first-time behavior.

For women, they don’t know how to use contraception, and even contraceptive failure can cause indelible harm to the body.

Fourth: What both adults and minors need to pay attention to is that premarital sex must be responsible for their own health.

First, both men and women must learn to protect themselves, take safety measures, use condoms correctly, and prevent infectious diseases.

Second, we must establish a correct sexual psychology and sexual morality, be responsible for our own actions, and be responsible for premarital sexual behavior.

Third, we must have the right way to acquire sexual knowledge and learn the correct sex knowledge.

Body acupressure massage detoxification

Body acupressure massage detoxification

When you are optimistic, the slimming acupoints are the most effective spring coming. The aunt who has been refrigerated for a winter is finally going to be “publicized to the public”. In the face of the proud body of the girlfriends, you are determined to carry out the slimming.

Therefore, exercise, diet control, and slimming SPA have become the daily trilogy.

But the effect is not obvious.

TCM health experts teach you to share the most natural and simple slimming therapy from the perspective of time.

  Chen Shi (7 am early morning?
9 o’clock) When the Sanbao skinny body, the stomach is working, the digestive system is extremely strong.

At this point, it is the gold price that controls the weight.

The best way to lose weight is to prepare a hearty breakfast for yourself to promote the gastrointestinal motility, to supplement the energy of the whole day, and to stimulate the upper acupoint, the middle acupoint, and the lower jaw.Acupoints can accelerate the metabolism of the body, accelerate blood circulation, and gradually achieve the goal of slimming.

  Shangyu acupoint – press 揉 for the esophagus to reduce the burden of the upper acupoint is to stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, often stimulate this point, is the best protection of the esophagus, avoid eating too fast, causing food slag to accumulate in the stomach, resulting in indigestion, which leads to weight gain.

  Among them: this acupoint is in the upper part of the stomach, 5 inches above the navel.

  HOW: Put the index finger and the middle finger together, and press the squatting point in the clockwise direction for 3 minutes to achieve the purpose of stimulating the acupuncture points.

While preparing breakfast for yourself, you can easily insert this acupuncture point!

  Zhongxue-Moxibustion rapid gastric peristalsis often stimulates the middle acupoints, the gastric peristalsis will accelerate, the ability of phagocytic cells to phagocytose pathogenic microorganisms will also be enhanced, and human immunity can be improved.

Zha Yang, the food can be effectively chewed in the stomach, enhance digestion and promote slight burning of the whole body.

  Where: 4 inches above the navel is the middle point we are looking for.

  HOW: Moxibustion is the best way to stimulate the middle acupoints – cut the ginger into thin slices and turn it into smoked. The ginger juice will penetrate into the skin through heat, and the middle acupoint will be stimulated.

When you go out to change clothes, you can use the ginger that is smoked in front of your body to get some blood!

  The lower acupoint-pressurization keeps the toxins from lingering and leaving the acupoints to control the food from the first chewing to the real digestion.

If it is not smooth here, it is easy to gradually increase the toxins in the body, causing the aunts on the lower abdomen, buttocks or thighs to accumulate, leaving the woman extra heavy.

  WHERE: You can find it at 2 inches above the navel!

  HOW: Do not hinder the daily use of the thumb of both hands to insert this hole, so that the food can successfully complete the whole process of initial chopping to thorough digestion, which is beneficial to the whole body to lose weight.

When you go to work and other subways, you can “stimulate” it!

  TIPS: Quickly slim down the body, one point is to reduce some acupuncture points. Whenever you lower it, you can achieve the effect of pressing and thinning. Don’t care about the hour, let you get thinner and thinner!

  1, thin face – hip car points to close the teeth, insert the earlobe down and touch, will encounter a high uplift, is the hip car.

Three fingers close together to massage can alleviate the extra traces of the face, and you have a perfect “gut face”.

  2, “skinny” wrinkles – silk bamboo spots in the brow tip is a silky spot, which can make the crow’s feet of the eyes completely “slimming” and gradually disappear.

You can use your thumb to insert the eyebrows from your brows and press them all the way to the brows, then press the squat to the position of the temple into the hairline.

  Tianzong points – rubbing out sexy buttocks Because the sitting posture is not correct, many women will give people a sense of “tiger back”, and the hoarding behind will make the overall image very hurt.

At this time, stimulating Tianzong is the first choice.

  WHERE: The Tianzong point is just at the back, making a vertical line on the lower corner of the shoulder blade, and a horizontal line on both sides of the fourth thoracic column. The focus of the two lines can be found.

  HOW: After lunch, rubbing the back on the fitness equipment under the office building can stimulate the Tianzong point, and clear the small intestine, promote blood circulation around the body, and eliminate the woman’s “back”.

  Houxi Point–To create a small buttocks for the cockroaches Many people understand that Houxi points can relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine for you.

But in fact it can also stimulate the peristalsis of the small intestine, increase the body’s absorption, excretion ability, complications, and toxins accumulate at the top, thus helping us to lose weight.

  WHERE: Two hands clenched a fist, and found a bulging point in the position of the small fish, which is the location of the Houxi point.

  HOW: Before entering the working state in the afternoon, make a fist with both hands and set the position of the back creek of your hands.

  Bingfeng Acupoint – tapping and practicing the perfect shoulder white-collar female favorite big bag, because computers, cosmetic bags, game consoles, players, etc. can all be in the bag, but replaced, but it caused the shoulder imbalance, often the side of the backpackIt still looks “very powerful.”

Every day, it stimulates the blessing of the wind, adjusts the body’s breath, improves the shoulder imbalance, and thus reduces the weight of the shoulder.

  Location: The distance between Bingfeng and Tianzong is very close, just the depression at the shoulder blade when lifting the arm.
  HOW: Prepare a portable massage for yourself in the afternoon tea time, tapping the Bingfeng acupoint for 3 minutes, and the thin shoulder effect is nothing to say!
  Tips for slimming accelerators ● Water: At 5 am?
7 points of the large intestine through the working catheter, drink a cup of warm water, promote smooth bowel movements, increase the movement of the large intestine, provide a good physical environment for weight loss.

  ● Yogurt: At 15 o’clock?
At 17 o’clock in the afternoon tea, you can drink a cup of yogurt, which can promote small bowel movements, effectively eliminate body toxins, and mention the best auxiliary effect on the shoulder, buttocks and buttocks.

  ● Sexual life: to ensure a regular sex life, the best time is at 21 o’clock?
At 23 o’clock, the time of coke can also promote sleep, ensure the normal circulation of endocrine, does not cause the body’s inner liner, the accumulation of toxins, and the help of slimming can not be underestimated.

  At the time of the sea (23 pm?
At 1 o’clock in the morning, the working time of bidding farewell to the “Little Abdominal” gallbladder before going to bed is at 23 o’clock?
At 1 o’clock, this is the best time for abnormal bile decomposition.

The gallbladder is all over the body, up to the head, mid to the belly, down to the foot.

Therefore, trimming, thin abdomen, massage the acupoints through which the gallbladder passes is most effective.

For example, with a pulse point, Yangling point, hanging bell point.

  With the pulse hole – knocking off the “swim ring”, this acupuncture point is a rare thin waist point. By stimulating it, it can restore the restraint ability of the veins, let the meridians relax, and reduce the unfortunateness of the waist and abdomen. The effect is unparalleled.Oh!

  Among them: the vein is located on the side of the abdomen, draw a horizontal line with the abdomen umbilicus as the center, draw a vertical line from the arm, and the two lines intersect.

  Way: Before going to bed every night, staggered 30 horizontally?

50 laps, tapping 50 on the hole with a pulse?

100 can achieve the most exciting purpose.

  Yangling Spring – Rapidly accelerating the burning of Fuyang Lingquan is a healthy point of gallbladder, which can prevent gallstones and promote bile secretion.

When the bile secretion is smooth, it also effectively promotes the burning of the uncle, and has a good auxiliary effect on the thin abdomen.

  Among them: wanting to find Yangling Spring can be effortless: along the downward direction of the side, it will touch a place where it is placed, and the depression in the front lower part is its “occupied land”.

  Means: In the 5 minutes before the preparation for washing, the heels are bent at 180°, and the legs are put together. Trying to stand upright may make them “activate” quickly.

Alleviate the emergency and use the acupoint method

Alleviate the “emergency” and use the acupoint method

In life, some people will inevitably get an emergency. If the rescue is timely, the patient can turn to safety.
The following describes several common acupuncture points for emergency treatment.
  1、点压阳陵泉穴治胆绞痛  胆囊炎、胆结石发作右上腹发生剧烈绞痛,若距医院较远,病人可在右小腿外侧腓骨头下寻找压痛敏感点,此点多在阳On the Lingquan point.
  Press the hole with both hands and continue to massage for 2 minutes to get good pain relief.
  2, point pressure to the Yang point to ease angina pectoris angina pectoris often accompanied by chest compression, suffocation, the condition is very critical.
At this time, you can hold a five-point coin and press it to the acupoint with the edge of the coin (located under the seventh thoracic vertebra of the back, the patient’s lying position is lower than the vertical arm, and the lower edge of the shoulder scapula is connected to the midpoint of the ridge. This is the point)After 3-6 minutes of compression, angina can be relieved.
If you press 3-4 times a day to the acupoints, it can effectively prevent the onset of angina pectoris.
  3, point pressure Sanyinjiao point to treat renal colic Nephropathy is a surgical emergency caused by urinary calculi.
The patient is suffering because of the severe pain.
At this time, you can press the thumb point to press the Sanyinjiao point (3 inches on the inner iliac crest), and massage for 3-5 minutes, the renal colic can be relieved.
  4, point pressure on the labor palace to treat blood pressure Suddenly, high blood pressure patients with high blood pressure, violent or excited, blood pressure will rise sharply, a great threat to the lives of patients.
At this point, you can press the Laogong point (the fingertip is the middle fingertip), you can control the blood pressure and gradually return the blood pressure to normal.
The method is as follows: press the thumb from the labor palace point, press each fingertip one by one, exchange the presses left and right, keep the heart calm and evenly breathe when pressing.
  5、点压合谷穴治晕厥  中暑、中风、虚脱等原因所致晕厥,病人突然昏倒,不省人事,面色苍白,大汗淋漓,病情紧迫,可用拇指掐捏患者合谷穴(虎口上),持续In 2-3 minutes, the syncope disappeared quickly.
Then go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.
  Health reminder: urinary urinary fainting fainting 6. Pressing the heel to stop the snot. When working, going out, etc., it is easy to have nosebleeds.
In the absence of medicine and distance from the hospital, the heel can be quickly kneaded (the depression between the ankle and the calcaneus), the left nose is licked and the right heel is squeezed; the right nose is licked and the left heel is squeezed to stop bleeding.

Badminton helps the eyes and body to renew

Badminton helps the eyes and body to renew

Modern badminton originated in the United Kingdom in 1870 and later prevailed in Western Europe and the Americas.

At first it was an aristocratic movement, but gradually expanded gradually, and today it has become a popular sport.

  Can achieve full body fitness Some people say that badminton is a sport that can make people’s eyes, hands fast, and exercise all over the body. I think this is very appropriate.

  People who practice badminton for a long time will have this feeling: by constantly observing the swing situation of the opponent and the ball in high-speed flight, the experienced athlete can look like a martial arts master and see the small movement of the racket change at the moment of the opponent hitting the ball.
In fact, the reason why people practice “eyes are fast” is simple: because the speed of badminton in sports is very fast (according to statistics, the speed of a good athlete can reach 350 kilometers per hour.

), this requires the opponent’s eyes to closely follow the high-speed flying sphere, the eye ciliary muscles continue to shrink and relax, greatly promoting the blood supply to the eye tissue, thereby improving the ciliary muscle function, long-term exercise can improve people’sVisual sensitivity and eye response.

For ordinary hobbyists, especially middle-aged and over-the-eye people, if you can practice, the visual sensitivity will be significantly improved.

  In addition, exercisers need to use the power of the wrist and arm to grip and swing, but also fully exercise joints, knees, ankles and other parts, resulting in various gaits such as sliding steps, pacing and bowing, soExercise for the whole body muscles and joints is also very good.

In the process of picking up the ball, the ball is constantly bent, looked up, and so on, so that the muscles of the waist and abdomen can be fully exercised.

  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) proposes that to achieve the goal of weight loss for the whole body, it should be done for more than 30 minutes every day, and 120-160 times of low-intensity aerobic exercise in the heart.

For ordinary badminton enthusiasts, this is exactly the amount of exercise in a low-intensity singles game.

Therefore, long-term badminton exercise, in addition to strengthening the cardiovascular system and respiratory function, weight loss is also very significant.

The “Calcium Champion” and “V C Master” in the legume world even prevent osteoporosis

The “Calcium Champion” and “V C Master” in the legume world even prevent osteoporosis

Soybean is native to China and is inexpensive and recognized as a premium protein.

With the development of food processing technology, soy products have become a daily inseparable food.

Experts said that traditional soybean products are divided into non-fermentable and fermented soybean products. The former includes tofu, bean hull, yuba, etc., and it has fermented bean curd, bean paste, etc., each with nutritional advantages.

Calcium champion: Tofu, bean curd, bean curd, yuba and other tofu digestion and absorption rate of up to 92%?
95%, excluding cholesterol, suitable for “three high” people and patients with arteriosclerosis; its rich phytoestrogens can prevent osteoporosis.

Different tofus are eaten differently. Northern tofu is suitable for frying and filling; South tofu is suitable for cold salad, braised, and soup.

Dried bean curd is a reprocessed product of tofu, which contains various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Soybean skin contains a variety of minerals such as calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis and promote bone development.

The yuba is processed from soy milk and transformed into protein. Is the glutamic acid content 2 of other legumes or animal foods?
5 times, with a good brain function.

The phospholipids also reduce plasma in the blood.

However, the amount of yuba is higher, and 100 grams of dried yuba contains 459 kcal.

Dietary fiber master: edamame, bean dregs edamame harvested when the soybean is immature, rich in supplemental fiber, can not only improve constipation, but also help lower blood pressure, high blood pressure; slightly more unsaturated fatty acids, such as essential for human bodyOleic acid and linolenic acid can improve slight metabolism.

The edamame has a high potassium content, which is often eaten in the summer to compensate for the loss of potassium caused by sweating, and to alleviate the fatigue and loss of appetite.

The method of eating is varied. In addition to cooking with salt, it is necessary to fry the peeled beans together with bacon and tofu.

However, those who are allergic to soybeans should not eat more.

Bean dregs is the residue left by filtering when making tofu or soy milk. It has high fiber and low feces. It has preventive and therapeutic effects on diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. It is used for making steamed bread, scrambled eggs, etc. The nutrition is complementary and the taste is excellent.

Vitamin C master: After the sprouting of bean sprouts, the vitamin C content increases, including 9 per 100 grams of bean sprouts.
21 mg; some proteins will be broken down into a variety of essential amino acids, which are more beneficial for absorption.

Bean sprouts are suitable for long-term frying, it is best to eat with meat, such as fried pork with bean sprouts, boiled fish and so on.

Minerals: Fermented soy products (bean paste, cardamom, bean curd, etc.) After soy fermentation, it can produce B vitamins, and the protein becomes a digestible carbohydrate and amino acid, and the taste is more delicious.

In addition, soluble minerals increase by 2?
3 times.

Some fermented soy products contain soy protein kinase, which helps fight blood clots.

Tofu is a common flavored side dish, and bean paste can be eaten with vegetables such as cucumber.

Experts suggest that when purchasing soy products, it can be identified by sensory, the color, fragrance, taste of the qualified products is normal, and there is no impurity.

However, the insurance method is still to go to the mall to buy products that are produced by the manufacturer.

Related recommendations: soy milk so drink, nourishing than bird’s nest!

Try to be healthy!

Kinds of people must not drink mung bean soup!

Must read five taboos before drinking!

I don’t know what kind of moisture I am, and it is useless to drink more red bean soup!