[What’s delicious with winter bamboo shoots]

[What’s delicious with winter bamboo shoots]

I believe that everyone has eaten winter bamboo shoots as a food. It can be used to make a variety of delicious alternatives. We can choose winter bamboo shoots according to our own taste.

We can use this kind of bamboo shoots to make fried bamboo shoots, and we can also use them to cook pork ribs, etc. You can read about the introduction of the article.

Winter bamboo shoots fried pork slices 1, fresh winter bamboo shoots fried pork slices are particularly delicious. Usually you need to prepare fresh winter bamboo shoots 350 grams lean meat 150 grams, green onions, ginger, some raw soy sauce, cooking wine, cooking oil and edible salt.

2. After cutting the prepared lean meat into slices, put it in a bowl, add raw soy sauce and salt to marinate for about half an hour, remove the prepared fresh bamboo shoots and remove the bamboo shoots and old roots, and then wash them with water.And then cut it into pieces.

3. After putting cooking oil in the wok and heating, add green onion and ginger fry, then add the sliced meat to the pan and stir fry quickly. After the sliced meat changes color, add the sliced bamboo shoots and continue frying for 3 to 5 minutes.In the future, the bamboo shoot slices in the bag will be thoroughly cooked. At this time, you can add an appropriate amount of cooking wine, raw soy sauce, and edible salt, mix and season, and then eat them directly out of the pot.

Stir-fried shredded pork with bamboo shoots and peppercorns. Stir-fried shredded pork with bamboo shoots and peppercorns is also a common way to eat bamboo shoots, and it tastes very good. You usually need to prepare three hundred grams of winter bamboo shoots, one hundred grams of lean meat, red pepper and green tip.Fifty grams of pepper.

Prepare oil, salt and seasonings such as MSG and spring onion.

2. Remove the prepared winter bamboo shoots, wash them and cut them into filaments. Wash the prepared green and red peppers separately, and cut them into filaments for future use.

After washing the lean meat, cut it into shreds, add cooking wine and edible salt, and marinate it for half an hour.

3. Put edible oil in the pan and heat it to 50% heat, then put the shredded pork into the pot, quickly fry them, and after the shredded pork is discolored, add the prepared spring onion and fry the aroma, thenFry the winter bamboo shoots with green and red peppers, and add a small amount of water after cooking. Cover the pot and simmer for three minutes. Season with edible salt and monosodium glutamate.

[Effects and Functions of Artificial Ganoderma]_ Necessarily _ Effect

[Effects and Functions of Artificial Ganoderma]_ Necessarily _ Effect

The so-called artificial ganoderma is a kind of ganoderma artificially cultivated in the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and these artificial ganoderma are artificially cultivated varieties placed in Dapeng.

Generally, the growth period of artificial ganoderma is 3 months, which is much shorter than that of wild ganoderma in the wild. Because of this, many people will ask whether artificial ganoderma is the same as wild ganoderma.What is the role?

What are the effects and functions of artificial ganoderma: 1. Varieties: Artificially cultivated ganoderma varieties. In terms of scale, the main varieties are red ganoderma and purple ganoderma. Other ganoderma varieties have not been studied very much, and they have not reached the scale of cultivation technology.

For example, perennial strains such as Pingga Ganoderma lucidum, which has a strong pharmacological effect, and perennial fungi such as pine needles, have few large-scale artificial cultivation and development. However, with the development of technology, the artificial cultivation and development of other varieties of Ganoderma is not difficult!

2. The strains are degraded. The crops that are not as effective as the first generation of crops are continuously cultivated (continuous cropping is prohibited in agricultural production), the varieties will be degraded, virus diseases are prone to occur, and it is difficult to grow the same quality.Variety!

At present, it is the hometown of Ganoderma lucidum, but at present the bacteria used in the Ganoderma lucidum industry have serious problems such as serious variety degradation and quality degradation.

At present, higher quality Ganoderma lucidum strains are mainly introduced in Japan and South Korea, and they will also degrade after a few years, which is extremely mismatched with parts of the major Ganoderma lucidum countries.

Wild Ganoderma lucidum breeds through spores. Ganoderma spores have a certain sex: a1, a2, b1, b2. Only mating spores of two different sexes (a1 and b2, a2, and b2) can produce fruiting bodies.This is a manifestation of the rule of elimination of nature’s superiority and inferiority, and also guarantees the breeding of worrying Ganoderma strains.

The artificial cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum mainly adopts asexual propagation, that is, the cultivation of the mycelium through the division of the mycelium, the division of the mycelium, and the breeding of more bacteria, and the mating process is not required.

Asexual reproduction from generation to generation, like the marriage of close relatives of humans, will inevitably lead to the degradation of bacteria.

And some artificial ganoderma are fermented and cultured by industrial methods. The quality problem is really not high!

[Can pregnant women eat durian with a cold]_ Cold during pregnancy _ Impact

[Can pregnant women eat durian with a cold]_ Cold during pregnancy _ Impact

Many women will have lower resistance after pregnancy, and cold resistance is more likely to occur when the resistance becomes lower.

When a pregnant woman has a cold, there are many adverse reactions to her body such as a runny nose, cough, and fever.

And many people will eat some durian when they have a cold to relieve it. Because the existence of durian has high nutritional value, can pregnant women eat durian for a cold?

Durian can be eaten by pregnant women. Durian has very high nutritional value. It is a hot fruit. It can promote blood circulation and dispel cold and relieve menstrual pain. Durian is rich in sugar and it is also very high in the body. It is suitable for people with severe cold.

Durian contains a large number of various vitamins. Vitamin A contained in durian is an essential element for promoting human growth, and it can also increase resistance. Vitamin C can enhance the body’s immunity and prevent colds.

It is because of its nutritional value that durian is known as the king of fruits and nourishing.

Pregnant women can eat durian, but they should also eat less. Due to the high transition and sugar content of durian, if pregnant women often use durian as a tonic, which causes their blood sugar to rise, the baby will be easily overweight, and the chance of giving birth in the future will increase greatly.

In addition, although durian contains cellulose, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Too much consumption will cause tandem and cause constipation, which will increase the burden on pregnant women who are prone to constipation.

In addition, durian is warm and easy to get angry if you eat too much, sore throat, irritability and insomnia can cause fetal fever in pregnant women and damage the health of newborns.

Durian is a hot and dry substance. If you eat too much durian, it will cause dryness to rise and symptoms of dampness. Therefore, hot constitution, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency, and trachea sensitive people will eat durian.There is no benefit, so it is best not to eat durian when pregnant women have a cold.

Obesity and life

Obesity and life

Obesity is caused by excessive human consumption of food, so that excess substances are mainly converted into feces, stored in various tissues and under the skin to form obesity.

When the body weight exceeds 20% of the standard weight, it is excessive, and those who exceed 10% of the standard weight are overweight.

Clinically, obesity is divided into two categories: simple and secondary, but most obesity is pathological.

Simple obesity often has a family history, childhood obesity, a small number of cells hypertrophy, common causes of obvious; secondary obesity mostly due to excessive intake or low consumption caused by micro-cell hypertrophy.

  Obesity generally does not affect sexual life, especially in most simple obese people with normal sexual function, only a few sexual dysfunction, the reason is that obesity patients with diabetes, hypertension, bone and joint degeneration, causing impotence, not ejaculation, libidolow.

There are also obese patients, which may cause inconvenience during sexual intercourse. The overweight trunk is pressed against the other person, making the other person uncomfortable, or having to open their legs to have sexual intercourse, and even the penis cannot enter the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Obesity has problems in image and self-confidence. Individuals’ social unsuccessfulness and increased depression can affect sexual life.

  Secondary obesity is associated with excessive sexual dysfunction, male blood plasma ketone is low, estrogen is high, and sexual desire is too low.

There is also a low myogenic tone of hereditary endocrine abnormalities, low intelligence, and low libido development.

Obesity patients generally take weight-loss drugs have no direct effect on sexual function, but recombinant nerves are excited, insomnia, dreams, palpitations, which indirectly affect the sexual activity of some patients.

Therefore, obesity patients must have confidence in adhering to comprehensive treatment, reduce additional emotional stress, worry, regular life, scientific diet, active exercise, and comorbidities should actively treat comorbidities.

How to do nine kinds of ingredients to help you solve the menopause?

How to do nine kinds of ingredients to help you solve the menopause?


Lotus seed is flat and sweet, it is beneficial to kidney, raises heart and strengthens temper.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said “Lianzi Jiaoxin kidney, thick stomach, solid essence, strong bones and muscles, tonic loss, eyesight”.

Suitable for women in menopause, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, or nightmares, and those who are physically weak.


The scorpion is flat and sweet, and it is the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing liver and kidney. Traditional folks are also used to drink tea with medlar to regulate liver and kidney.

All menopausal women should eat, the liver and kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency and fire, dizziness, backache and soft legs, food is quite a substitute.


Mussels have the effect of nourishing liver and kidney and benefiting blood.

“Materia Medica” said: “mussels, tonic and kidney medicine also.”

Qing Wang Meng Ying also cloud “supplement of kidney, benefiting blood and adding fine”.

Therefore, liver and kidney yin deficiency, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations and spontaneous sweating, menstrual disorders, menopausal women with soft backache, should eat often.


Duck meat is sweet and sweet, and it is a nourishing yin and clear food.

“Do not record” called it “tonic and heat removal.”

“Divided by the diet” said that duck meat can “noise the yin of the five dirty, clear heat of labor”.

For women in menopause, yin and anger are the best for food.


The squid fish is flat and salty. In women’s menopause, it should be eaten regularly. This is a menstrual disorder, or before or after, more or less, upset and sweaty, bursts of heat, dry mouth and insomnia, hand and foot heart heat and other menopausal syndrome.It can be used to nourish yin, tonic, and to raise serum heat.


The soft-shelled turtle is sweet and has a nourishing effect.

Qing Wang Mengying said that it can “taste the liver and kidney yin, clear the heat of labor.”

Therefore, the liver and kidney yin deficiency, or yin deficiency internal heat, the hands and feet heart heat, or annoyance, or dizziness, acidity, menstrual disorders, or hot sweat, tongue coating, the most suitable food.


The fungus has black fungus and white fungus. The white fungus is rich in gum, multivitamins, amino acids and rich trace elements.

Chinese medicine believes that white fungus has lungs and cough, nourishing yin, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the brain and strengthening the heart and tonifying the kidney. It is the most suitable for women with menopausal lung and kidney yin deficiency, dry and hot mouth, and hot and thirsty.

Black fungus has qi effect, it can cool blood to stop bleeding, so menstrual disturbance during menopause, especially menorrhagia, especially when dripping is especially suitable.


The bird’s nest is flat and sweet, and it has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, adding fine marrow and nourishing blood, and nourishing blood to stop bleeding.

Such as “Materia Medica” said: “Swallow’s nest, into the lungs angry, into the Yin nourishment, into the stomach to make up, it does not make dry, run not stagnate.”

Menopausal women with weak constitution, lung and kidney yin deficiency, or excessive sweating should eat it regularly.


Lily is also a kind of clear food, which has the functions of moistening the lungs, replenishing the yin and calming the nerves.

If a woman has a mental disorder in her menopause, she is guilty of convulsions, convulsions, and insomnia, it is best to use it.

“Japanese Huazi Materia Medica” once said that it has the effect of peace of mind, peace of mind, and raising the five internal organs.

Analyze the reason why vegetarians eat more and more fat

Analyze the reason why vegetarians eat more and more fat

Many women who lose weight think that vegetarian diet can lose a lot of weight. Nowadays, vegetarian diet is a trend, and some obese hypertensive patients choose vegetarian because the doctors want to eat light in the summer.

Nutritionist reminds: improper vegetarian diet will also gain weight, or even too much.

Vegetarian cooking methods determine its conversion and trace levels.


hzh {display: none; }  素食多“隐性脂肪”  素菜没有肉类,本身脂肪含量较低,很多人就以为吃素就能保证健康,广医三院营养科医师曾青山说,纯素菜较荤菜The taste of the class is worse. During the cooking process, the seasoning is generally used to increase the flavor and taste of the vegetarian dish.

In this way, people will replace more invisible shackles without knowing it.

  It can also cause a variety of diseases.

There are many such examples. In our lives, we also find that many long-term vegetarian monks are obese.

“The meat is not the root cause of all diseases, vegetarian food can not prevent all diseases, the key is to see how you eat and how much.

“Zeng Qingshan said.

  On Tuesday, the body is good. Some people think that tofu and green vegetables supplement both protein and vitamins and plant fiber to ensure human nutrition.

Zeng Qingshan said that the amino acids of beans and vegetables are incomplete and need to be combined with amaranth to produce complete amino acids.

Moreover, the manganese contained in plant foods is difficult to absorb by the human body, and only the manganese contained in meat foods is easily absorbed by the body.

  People who do not eat cockroaches at all (including those who do not eat milk eggs) are not well-balanced, have weak immune functions, are prone to various infectious diseases, and are prone to anemia, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Normal people choose one or two days of vegetarianism in a week to reduce the high-dose replacement of eating phlegm, clean, and replace cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Because the total carbohydrate and supplement fiber content in vegetarian diets is higher, saturated sputum (bad babies) is significantly reduced.

  The current facts of rejecting meat and rejecting eggs prove that vegetarian diets that eat eggs and milk do not cause serious nutritional deficiencies.

So, if you are vegetarian only for the purpose of losing weight, don’t eat meat, don’t eat eggs, don’t drink milk yogurt.

Otherwise, people are slimming down, but the disease is upper body, the whole person is languid, and it is easy to become old.

  People who are completely vegetarian, in addition to pay attention to eat more beans, mushrooms, fungi, vegetable foods, but also ask nutritionists to add multivitamins, instead of cellulose.

  The vegetarian diet is strictly adhered to, and the dietitian does not advocate long-term complete vegetarianism.

If anyone wants to try it, it depends on the physical condition at the time.

Zeng Qingshan said that vegetarians must be adults with very good physical fitness.

The following people are advised not to be vegetarian: 1.

The body itself is relatively thin, and people with poor resistance.


All children in growth and development are in a long physical period and can cause stunting.


Women who plan to have BB, if they are vegetarian, can cause estrogen levels to drop and cause birth disorders.


Female menstruation period, month period.


Menopausal women will increase the “menopausal syndrome.”

  The mm who think that vegetarian diet is paying attention, look at these not to blindly eat vegetarian diet.

Life and health regimen is healthy and prosperous

Life and health regimen is healthy and prosperous

Reasonable arrangements for living and rest, proper handling of life details, maintaining good habits, establishing rules of activity in line with their own biological rhythms, to ensure good health and longevity, said living and living regimen, also known as living and tuning.

  Living and living care involves daily living, well-being, and work, convenience and convenience.

  Regular living in the living room often refers to the regularization of daily work schedules.

The daily routine should conform to the laws of natural yang and the physiological routine of the human body. The most important thing is the circadian rhythm. Otherwise, it will cause premature aging and life.

Ancient health homes believe that spring and summer should raise Yang, and autumn and winter should raise Yin.

Therefore, the spring should be “night, get up early, walk in the court, be slowed down, so that the students can be born”; in the summer should be “night, get up early, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Hua Chengxiu”; autumn should”Get up early and get up early, and grow up with the chickens, so that the peace and tranquility, to slow down the autumn punishment”; winter should be “early sleep late, must wait for the sun, so that if you have the ambition, if there is private, if there is income.”

  An accommodative sleep is a physiological need of human beings.

When a person is in a state of sleep, the tissues and organs of the body are mainly in a state of rest, and the blood is mainly transplanted into the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, thereby being supplemented and repaired.

An ampere can guarantee people’s sleep, thus eliminating fatigue, restoring vitality, and conducive to human health and longevity.

To be well-rounded: First: you must ensure adequate sleep.

In general, middle-aged and elderly people sleep 8 times a day?
10 hours is appropriate.

  The second is: pay attention to bed should be soft and hard suitable, too hard, the whole body muscles can not relax to rest; too soft, ligaments around the spine and intervertebral joints are too heavy, can cause low back pain.

  The third is: the pillow is generally 5 feet away from the bed?
9cm is appropriate, too low, connected to the head blood vessels over-congestion, edema after head waking; too high, can make the brain blood flow is not smooth, easy to cause cerebral thrombosis and cause ischemic stroke.

  The fourth is: to have a correct sleep posture, generally should be lying to the right, slightly curved legs, the body is naturally relaxed, one hand bent elbow flat, one hand naturally placed on the thigh.

In this way, the higher position of the heart is conducive to the blood discharge of the heart, and is sufficient to bear. At the same time, since the liver is located on the right side, the insulin in the right lateral position is increased in blood supply, which is conducive to promoting metabolism.

In the longevity survey, many long-lived elderly people reported that they had the most bowed position on the right side.

The ancient 谚 also said: “Stand like a pine, sit like a bell, lying like a bow”, “recumbent side of the side to benefit people.”

  The fifth is: to develop good hygiene habits, dinner should not be too full, and should not eat irritating and excitable foods, Chinese medicine believes that “the stomach is not harmonious and restless.”

It is advisable to comb your hair before going to bed. It is advisable to use a hot water bath.

  The right place for people is inseparable from the natural environment. Chinese medicine has long proposed the theory of “corresponding to heaven and man” corresponding to the relationship between man and nature.

In summarizing the impact of the environment on human health and longevity, “Nei Jing” pointed out that “the high is its life and the low is its discouragement.”

Explain how long people live in high-lying areas, and people with low-lying areas are early.

Why are the geographical environments different and the length of life different?

Because of different regions and different soils and waters, soil and water and water quality have a great impact on food composition and nutrition.

At the same time, differences in meteorological conditions have different effects on human health.

In cold environments, cellular metabolic activity slows, human growth is prolonged, and complications in the aging process.

  The current census shows that Xinjiang, Tibet, and Qinghai, which live in alpine regions, are higher than the rest of the country in terms of the proportion of centenarians in the population and the longevity of the elderly.

In addition, the lighting, ventilation, noise and environmental beautification and purification of the indoor interior are closely related to human health and longevity.

  Beware of labor injuries including care and injury.

Shenfangyu, this is an important measure to protect the kidney and solidify and avoid physiological dysfunction.

It is absolutely necessary to conform to nature, and it is not advisable to abstain from sex, but it is also necessary to control sexual intercourse and keep good health.

Preventing injury and injury, this is an important measure to maintain a strong body and avoid form injuries. In the work, we must adhere to the principle of gradual and orderly progress, pay attention to moderate labor, and must not reluctantly win, and should not be sedentary for a long time.

  The influence of clothing on the human health should be closely related to the tightness, thickness, size and color of the clothes.

Ancient and modern health experts believe that clothing should not be wide and should be: “Spring yarn, summer silk, autumn wool, winter cotton wool.

“Underwear should be soft, absorbent cotton, carefully selected according to age, gender and solar terms.

At the same time, we must pay special attention to the “spring is not busy to reduce clothes, autumn is not busy to increase clothes” spring and autumn and health measures.

Health food therapy for the elderly with kidney deficiency and low back pain

Health food therapy for the elderly with kidney deficiency and low back pain

Kidney deficiency and low back pain are common complications of middle-aged and elderly people. They are often characterized by low back pain, soreness and sourness. They like to be like magpies; they have weak legs and legs, and they often have repeated attacks.

Such as partial kidney yang resuscitation, accompanied by pale, hand and foot is not warm, pale tongue, fine pulse, kidney yin deficiency, accompanied by upset insomnia, dry mouth, dry complexion, flushing, hands and feet hot, tongueRed, pulse number.

There are several dietary treatments for kidney deficiency and low back pain. Try it.


Duzhong waist flower crisps take 15 grams of Eucommia, pork waist – right, rice wine 25 ml, onion, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, salt, sugar and other appropriate amount.

Method: first wash the pork loin into a bowl and add the sugar, salt, and wine. Add the eucommia to the waist and add it to the waist. Use a fire to cook the pan, pour in the waist and stir fry, then add the seasoning.It can be eaten and eaten once every two days.


枸杞 porridge to the scorpion, rice, the right amount, washed and cooked in a regular way into porridge, once a day.


Fennel stewed pork loin to take 15 grams of fennel, a pair of pork loin, onion, ginger, salt, wine, the right amount.

Method: Wash the pig’s waist first, cut a hole in the concave, fennel, salt out the pork waist, cut the incision with white line, put it in the pot, add onion, ginger, wine, water,Cooked with Wenwu fire and eaten.

This method is suitable for kidney deficiency and low back pain.


Raw yam porridge rehmannia, yam, rice, the right amount, use the common method to cook into porridge after eating, once a day, this method is suitable for kidney deficiency and low back pain.