The “Calcium Champion” and “V C Master” in the legume world even prevent osteoporosis

The “Calcium Champion” and “V C Master” in the legume world even prevent osteoporosis

Soybean is native to China and is inexpensive and recognized as a premium protein.

With the development of food processing technology, soy products have become a daily inseparable food.

Experts said that traditional soybean products are divided into non-fermentable and fermented soybean products. The former includes tofu, bean hull, yuba, etc., and it has fermented bean curd, bean paste, etc., each with nutritional advantages.

Calcium champion: Tofu, bean curd, bean curd, yuba and other tofu digestion and absorption rate of up to 92%?
95%, excluding cholesterol, suitable for “three high” people and patients with arteriosclerosis; its rich phytoestrogens can prevent osteoporosis.

Different tofus are eaten differently. Northern tofu is suitable for frying and filling; South tofu is suitable for cold salad, braised, and soup.

Dried bean curd is a reprocessed product of tofu, which contains various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Soybean skin contains a variety of minerals such as calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis and promote bone development.

The yuba is processed from soy milk and transformed into protein. Is the glutamic acid content 2 of other legumes or animal foods?
5 times, with a good brain function.

The phospholipids also reduce plasma in the blood.

However, the amount of yuba is higher, and 100 grams of dried yuba contains 459 kcal.

Dietary fiber master: edamame, bean dregs edamame harvested when the soybean is immature, rich in supplemental fiber, can not only improve constipation, but also help lower blood pressure, high blood pressure; slightly more unsaturated fatty acids, such as essential for human bodyOleic acid and linolenic acid can improve slight metabolism.

The edamame has a high potassium content, which is often eaten in the summer to compensate for the loss of potassium caused by sweating, and to alleviate the fatigue and loss of appetite.

The method of eating is varied. In addition to cooking with salt, it is necessary to fry the peeled beans together with bacon and tofu.

However, those who are allergic to soybeans should not eat more.

Bean dregs is the residue left by filtering when making tofu or soy milk. It has high fiber and low feces. It has preventive and therapeutic effects on diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. It is used for making steamed bread, scrambled eggs, etc. The nutrition is complementary and the taste is excellent.

Vitamin C master: After the sprouting of bean sprouts, the vitamin C content increases, including 9 per 100 grams of bean sprouts.
21 mg; some proteins will be broken down into a variety of essential amino acids, which are more beneficial for absorption.

Bean sprouts are suitable for long-term frying, it is best to eat with meat, such as fried pork with bean sprouts, boiled fish and so on.

Minerals: Fermented soy products (bean paste, cardamom, bean curd, etc.) After soy fermentation, it can produce B vitamins, and the protein becomes a digestible carbohydrate and amino acid, and the taste is more delicious.

In addition, soluble minerals increase by 2?
3 times.

Some fermented soy products contain soy protein kinase, which helps fight blood clots.

Tofu is a common flavored side dish, and bean paste can be eaten with vegetables such as cucumber.

Experts suggest that when purchasing soy products, it can be identified by sensory, the color, fragrance, taste of the qualified products is normal, and there is no impurity.

However, the insurance method is still to go to the mall to buy products that are produced by the manufacturer.

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Try to be healthy!

Kinds of people must not drink mung bean soup!

Must read five taboos before drinking!

I don’t know what kind of moisture I am, and it is useless to drink more red bean soup!

Liver fires eat more coarse grains and eat less meat

Liver fires eat more coarse grains and eat less meat

Now people are under greater pressure, resulting in a strong liver fire, which weakens the detoxification function of the liver, leading to the production of toxins, leading to sub-health.

Many people don’t know how to be good.

  Experts say that people are now over-nutrient, such as: sputum, sugar, protein, etc.; some malnutrition, such as: fiber, it is recommended that you usually eat less animal oil, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less oil like porkA lot of things, reducing the burden on the liver.

  In addition, because modern people eat too fine, the intake of fiber in food is too small, resulting in a decrease in the number of initial peristalsis and a decrease in function. The food stays in each other for too long, and when the bacteria are absorbed by the interfering bacteria, it becomesToxins can easily lead to diseases such as colon cancer and rectal cancer, which pose a huge threat to the health of the human body.

Medically speaking, toxins are the source of all diseases, so you should always detoxify your body. Eat more food substitutes and eat more whole grains.

  For those who usually like to eat meat, it is necessary to control, a variety of food mix, especially not to eat fat, to avoid a small amount deposited on the intestinal wall.

What is the path of epididymitis infection? What should I do with epididymitis?

What is the path of epididymitis infection? What should I do with epididymitis?

Epididymitis is a common disease in young adults. When the body’s resistance is low, pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus will take the opportunity to enter the vas deferens and retrogradely intervene in the epididymis to cause disease.

So, how is epididymitis infected?

What is the route of epididymitis infection?

What should I do to prevent epididymitis?

What are the routes of epididymitis infection?

(1) Congenital retrograde infection: urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc., its pathogenic bacteria retrograde into the epididymis through the insemination pipeline to cause infection; intraurethral device operation and long-term indwelling catheter, etc.The epididymis is implanted through the spermatic tract; prostatectomy can also affect the epididymis and retinal pills due to the infection of the exposed prostate fossa.

(2) Lymphatic spread: The prostate, bladder, urethra and seminal vesicle lesions can be disseminated by the lymphatic system. For example, when the urethral mucosa is damaged, it can often be transmitted to the epididymis through the spermatic lymphatic route.

(3) blood infection: the lesion away from the epididymis through the bloodway, the pathogenic microorganisms are transmitted to the epididymis, causing attached inflammation.

How to prevent epididymitis 1, do not urinate: do not develop bad habits of urinating.

Focus on relieving mental stress in work and life, avoiding neuromuscular dysfunction and preventing the occurrence of urinary reflux.

2, avoid alcohol and tobacco and spicy stimulation: put an end to inhaling alcohol, smoking, eat less spicy foods such as spicy acid to prevent partial congestion of the epididymis.

3, improve diet: prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods.

Encourage less “pig, beef, sheep and other meats with higher cholesterol.”

4, do a good mental conditioning: to maintain a comfortable mood, do not overwork, should participate in outdoor sports activities, such as practicing Qigong, Tai Chi and other physical enhancement.

5, sexual life should not be extended: avoid excessive sexual intercourse, to reduce the degree of congestion of the sexual organs, replace the work load of the epididymis, and improve the resistance of the epididymis.

6, to avoid sedentary: avoid prolonged sedentary sedentary is not conducive to blood circulation, anti-fatigue subsided.

Warm reminder: The above said, pay more attention to life, can effectively help you prevent epididymitis.

But if you have already had an egg pain, the lesion of the retina of the positive side of the epididymis, please pay attention, you should always ask a professional male doctor to lick your egg.

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Health food therapy for the elderly with kidney deficiency and low back pain

Health food therapy for the elderly with kidney deficiency and low back pain

Kidney deficiency and low back pain are common complications of middle-aged and elderly people. They are often characterized by low back pain, soreness and sourness. They like to be like magpies; they have weak legs and legs, and they often have repeated attacks.

Such as partial kidney yang resuscitation, accompanied by pale, hand and foot is not warm, pale tongue, fine pulse, kidney yin deficiency, accompanied by upset insomnia, dry mouth, dry complexion, flushing, hands and feet hot, tongueRed, pulse number.

There are several dietary treatments for kidney deficiency and low back pain. Try it.


Duzhong waist flower crisps take 15 grams of Eucommia, pork waist – right, rice wine 25 ml, onion, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, salt, sugar and other appropriate amount.

Method: first wash the pork loin into a bowl and add the sugar, salt, and wine. Add the eucommia to the waist and add it to the waist. Use a fire to cook the pan, pour in the waist and stir fry, then add the seasoning.It can be eaten and eaten once every two days.


枸杞 porridge to the scorpion, rice, the right amount, washed and cooked in a regular way into porridge, once a day.


Fennel stewed pork loin to take 15 grams of fennel, a pair of pork loin, onion, ginger, salt, wine, the right amount.

Method: Wash the pig’s waist first, cut a hole in the concave, fennel, salt out the pork waist, cut the incision with white line, put it in the pot, add onion, ginger, wine, water,Cooked with Wenwu fire and eaten.

This method is suitable for kidney deficiency and low back pain.


Raw yam porridge rehmannia, yam, rice, the right amount, use the common method to cook into porridge after eating, once a day, this method is suitable for kidney deficiency and low back pain.

Do not do these 6 things in spring health

Do not do these 6 things in spring health

Spring is here, have you been healthy?

Spring is the best season for health. In this beautiful season, women should exercise, nourish, and retain your beauty to retain the footsteps of youth.

But you know?

Spring health, there are six points to pay attention to, these six “no”, you know?

  Don’t say that the beautiful clothes are thin and the saying goes, “Spring and autumn and autumn”, although the spring began to pick up, the temperature gradually rose, and the flowers bloomed.

It is also a season that shows beauty and life.

But in the spring, don’t take off your winter coat and wear a shirt.

Although the yang is gradually growing, the chill is not enough. Pay attention to the temperature difference in early spring. Pay attention to wearing more points in the morning and evening. Don’t wear a thin dress all day long, otherwise it will lead to arthritis and various gynecological diseases.

However, “捂” should also be properly appropriate, basically pay attention to the “thin and thick” on the wear, pay attention to keep warm legs and joints, do not leave the root of the disease.

  Tip: Women who love beauty can take a few more coats, and increase or decrease with the weather, depending on their physical characteristics, age, gender, health status, living environment, occupation, etc.

  Use big sweet and greasy, fried fat, cold and rough food.

  Do not forget tonic spring, pay attention to the diversity of daily diet, to ensure that the body can get rich and sufficient nutrient supply.

  TCM health believes that in the case of strong human body, “evil” is not easy to invade the body, so there will be no disease, so it is very important to enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s disease resistance.

After the horror, the weather warmed, various animals began to move, bacteria and viruses began to grow and reproduce, so some people need to take care of the diet to enhance their physical resistance against the attack of the pathogen or virus.

  TIPS: We can choose the principle of eating, clearing and softening according to the characteristics of spring yang yang, so as not to be counterproductive.

Pay attention to the yin and yang, eat more light food to improve the body’s immunity.

  In the damp environment, staying in the spring for a long time starts to warm up, the moisture in the air gradually increases, and the moisture is very heavy.

Especially in the spring of the South, smog, penetration, and sultry heat provide an environment for the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure ventilation and ventilation inside the living room and office. When the weather is good, it is necessary to dry the bedding and clothes, and keep the indoor dry and breathable when sleeping at night.

You can wear loose cotton clothes to avoid eczema.

  TIPS: In the spring, the temperature rises more, and women should pay more attention to personal hygiene. The underwear worn on the body must be kept dry.

Also pay attention to drying clothes should be aired in a ventilated place to prevent bacteria from growing.

Try not to wear tight pants, do not use sanitary pads for a long time, so as not to make the sultry moisture can not affect the cleaning of the vagina.

  Not eating too much acid and eating, Chinese medicine advocates that the spring diet should “save acid and increase sweetness”, which is the basic rule for raising liver in spring.

Because in the spring, people’s liver is vigorous, and eating acidic foods will lead to excessive liver gas, and liver is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the spring diet is to avoid sweetness.

  Avoid eating too much acidic foods.

Such as lamb, dog meat, clams, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, sea fish, shrimp, crabs and so on.

Eat more foods such as yam, spring bamboo shoots, spinach, jujube, leek and so on.

  Tip: Spring should be more food supplement, choose food with warm characteristics can help yang, appropriate to eat more can achieve the purpose of maintaining yang.

When cooking, put more spicy vegetables such as shallots, garlic, leeks, wormwood, mustard, and fruits.

  Do not “dwelling”, often exercise in the spring and exercise often good for the body.

Because the yang of the spring nature begins to rise, we should follow this and raise the sun.

I think that the world is recovering from the outside world, and there are a hundred birds flying in the sky. In such an environment, people can easily feel the exuberance and vitality of life.

The key to raising Yang is to “move” and not “quiet”. Be active in aiming at exercise, breathing fresh air and sunning.

  TIPS: Women who are almost inferior should not be too angry to exercise. It is best to go out for exercise after the sun rises. In particular, pay attention to hot water, milk, egg soup and other hot soup before exercise. The intensity of exercise should not be tooBig.

  Not angry, often laughing, good spring is not a season that should be angry, nor a season suitable for anger.

As mentioned earlier, in the spring, the liver is yang, and if the mood is excessively irritable or undulating, it is easy to hurt the spleen.

Therefore, it is necessary to be open-minded and physiologically harmonious.And hypermood depression can lead to liver qi stagnation, but also reduce immunity, but also easily lead to mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, in order to be healthy and beautiful, you should let go of your mind and smile. This will keep you young.

  Tip: When something is “gasy”, it is best to take a deep breath for about 10 times and then speak, don’t be hurt by the anger of your anger.

When you encounter something, think about it first. Don’t lie when you are sad. It is a good thing to vent properly.

Spring tonic should be and peace

Spring tonic should be “and peace”

Spring nourishment should pay attention to the seasonal characteristics, tonic to clear, soft and peaceful supplement as the principle, should choose to help the righteous, tonic vital supplements and tonics.
  Ordinary people can use Codonopsis, Astragalus, Red Date, Chinese Yam and Polygonum multiflorum in spring supplements, and add lean meat stew.
For food, eggs, milk and soy milk can be eaten regularly to make a supplement.
Royal jelly and honey are also a good nourishing product, and the right amount of long-term service, has a better tonic loss, health and longevity effect.
You should also eat more vitamin-rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken liver, fish soup and mushrooms to supplement the spring’s more demand for vitamins.
  In chronic cases or those with weak constitution after surgery, spring is more necessary to supplement.
You can choose to eat nourishing foods such as chicken, clam meat, lean pork, liver, fish, yam, shouwu and sesame.
You can also use supplements and tonics to supplement the food to help yang.
  Those who have physical weakness, shortness of breath, or visceral sag can use 30 grams of Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus, 250 grams of chicken, 5 red dates, 5 slices of ginger, stewed with water, and soup to eat meat, 2 times a week.The effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and blood, nourishing and strengthening.
  Spring tonic should also vary from person to person due to time and symptoms, and cannot be blindly supplemented, otherwise it will not be worth the loss, or even counterproductive.
Should also pay attention to the following points: ★ First, we must clarify the medical treatment of TCM “virtual not to make up”, that is, adjust the gastrointestinal function before supplementing.
You can take some fine meat and ginseng, royal jelly, milk, soy milk, red dates and longan, etc., and you can use the medlar, red dates, yam, lentils, peanuts and brown sugar stew to enhance the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract.
  ★ The second is to avoid cold and greasy food during the tonic, so as not to interfere with the gastrointestinal digestive function, thus affecting the efficacy of the supplement.
In case of cold, fever and diarrhea in the tonic, the tonic should be suspended to avoid the addiction of the disease, but the condition is aggravated.
  ★ The third is to choose tonic to be divided.
In general, ginseng “great vitality” is indeed a good tonic, but if taken improperly or taken for a long time, it will cause excitement, insomnia, upper abdominal fullness and elevated blood pressure, which is medically called “abuse of ginseng”.Syndrome, so experts pointed out that people with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis should not take ginseng as a supplement for long-term use.