[Shaoyang headache Chinese medicine]_Headache

[Shaoyang headache Chinese medicine]_Headache

Shaoyang disease is generally related to its own body immunity, and most of it is caused by a cold. People with Shaoyang disease are also more likely to catch a cold. This is a very easy circulation phenomenon. GenerallyWhen treating Shaoyang disease, traditional Chinese medicine is chosen, because important treatments will be more convenient and the effect of treatment will be more obvious. What are the Chinese medicines that can treat Shaoyang headache?

Ingredients: 1, two to two corn.

2, about one or two flour.

3. One or two starches.

4, about two or two sugar (can be increased or decreased according to personal taste).

5, two or three pounds of oil.

6. One egg.

Practices: 1. Stir the chicken in a bowl and mix it into egg liquid.

2. Add two or two pieces of water, flour, and starch to the egg mixture. Stir well and add the bleached corn kernels and mix well.

3. Pour the oil into the pan and bake until it is 80% hot (the oil temperature must be extremely high so that the flour paste can be made into a honeycomb shape). Quickly divide the corn flour paste into a circle and pour it into the oil.Fire for about one minute to light yellow.

4. Remove the fried honeycomb corn and put it on a plate, sprinkle with sugar and serve.

[Honeycomb corn layer]Ingredients: 500g of canned corn, 2 eggs, 100g of corn starch, 50g of cheese flour, moderate amount of water Practice and steps: Open the canned corn step by step, heat the vegetable oil in the pot, and then burn it to30% hot, then pour in corn kernels, fry a little water, then put the pan out and set aside.

The second step is to beat the eggs into the processed corn kernels, add corn starch and cheese flour, and pour about 100 ml of water. When mixing, be careful not to have dough, stir well, and set aside.

Third, after the pan is washed dry, pour in enough oil.

When the temperature of the oil reaches 67%, turn to medium heat and sprinkle some sugar.

Then continue heating until the oil temperature reaches about 150 degrees.

You can pour the prepared corn paste into the oil pan, enter it from the middle of the pan, and turn to low heat to keep it warm, wait for the corn paste to fry and dry, and float the honeycomb solid material to remove it.

Sprinkle with a layer of fine sugar while hot.

Honeycomb corn: simple three-step, simple method, easy to make a complete, fluffy and crispy taste, customers call it delicious, to make this dessert, the most important thing is the flour and water in the preparation of corn pasteProportion, as well as temperature and time control of the frying oil.

The temperature cannot be lower than 150 degrees, and the frying time is generally 2-3 seconds, otherwise it is easy to fry.

[How to make soy sauce noodles]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make soy sauce noodles]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Noodles are a kind of pasta that many people like to eat. Pasta has the effect of protecting the stomach of the human body. It can also increase resistance and is easy to digest. There are many types of noodles, such as hand-rolled noodles, ramen, and finished noodles sold in supermarkets.There are many ways to make noodles, such as fried noodles, boiled noodles, and mixed noodles. Soy sauce noodles are a relatively common practice. What is the practice of soy sauce noodles?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Prepare noodles (for one person) (150g), eggs (2), shallots, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, peppercorns (spice powder), soy sauce, and oil.


step 1.

Put water in the pot and boil. After the water is boiled, first cook the noodles in the pot.

In this way, you can cook the noodles and make the soy sauce eggs without delay. You can eat the top noodles quickly (if your home is a stove, make the soy sauce eggs first and cook the noodles later).


Beat eggs into a plate or bowl and stir into egg liquid.


Cut the spring onions, ginger, and spare (scallions, ginger cut into size and shape, according to personal preference).


Add oil to the pan and heat it up. A little more oil is needed to make it delicious.

After the oil is hot, add peppercorns to sauté, then add egg liquid, fry over low heat, and put the chopped green onions and ginger in the pot.


After the eggs have solidified, use a spatula to shovel them apart, or use a chopstick to slide them apart.

Then add soy sauce, so the amount of soy sauce is slightly more, because the effect of soy sauce with marinade (do not add water, the water is not delicious), add an appropriate amount of salt, if you prefer a lighter taste, do not put salt.

You can add MSG according to personal preference.

When the soy sauce is boiled, turn off the heat immediately.


Place the cooked noodles in a pan and pour the prepared soy sauce eggs onto the noodles.


If it is still troublesome, you can put oil in the pan and heat it. After the oil is hot, beat the eggs directly into the pan (for demonstration, I will use an egg to demonstrate). After the eggs are slightly solidified, use a spoon and chopsticks to slide the eggs awayAdd the green onion and ginger (to save trouble, the green onion and ginger can be left untouched and delicious).


Add allspice, salt, monosodium glutamate, add soy sauce and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat.


Cautions Don’t make it too salty.

[What’s going on in the same room after a caesarean?

】 _Sex life_Cesarean section

[What’s going on in the same room after a caesarean?
】 _Sex life_Cesarean section

When a pregnant woman has had a baby, as long as it is safe to pass the menstrual period, the same room with the husband can be carried out smoothly, without even being affected.

Considering the future of sexual well-being and avoiding vaginal atrophy, some women will choose the method of caesarean section. Of course, after the birth, the wound must be healed before they can share the room with her husband.

So, what’s going on in the same room after a caesarean?

The recovery of postpartum sex life is a big deal for young couples, but many couples encounter many problems in the process, such as how does vaginal pain in the same room after cesarean section?

Do not share the same room for 2 months after cesarean section. When sharing the room after cesarean section, the movement must be gentle and moderate to avoid pain.

Women’s caesarean section stress will take about two months for all aspects of their body functions to return to normal, and can gradually resume intercourse.

After cesarean section, the same room movement must be gentle, but also moderate, so as not to cause genital laceration.

It is also necessary to change some postures to prevent wound healing, and the husband needs to understand that if the woman feels unwell, she should stop immediately.

In general, there is no lochia after caesarean section, and the wound can fully heal before intercourse.

However, women may experience sexual discomfort caused by earlier dryness of the vagina after birth, so generally condoms containing glucose or women’s topical spermicide or vaseline should be compressed to increase vaginal lubrication.

Just keep your heart open, don’t have too many thoughts and concerns, and you will slowly adapt.

When a woman is breast-feeding, high prolactin secretion in the body can inhibit the normal endocrine function of the ovaries, cause a lack of sufficient estrogen support, reduce the secretion capacity of the glands, and may cause pain and dryness in the same room.

Premature sexual intercourse can cause inflammation of cervicitis, endometritis, appendicitis or hinder perineal, vaginal wound healing, and postpartum health recovery.

Notes on intercourse after cesarean delivery 1. When intercourse after cesarean delivery, the movement must be gentle and moderate. Do not repeat too much in the same room, and the movement cannot be reduced too much, so as not to cause genital laceration.

2. For wounds in the caesarean section and the area around the wound, the nerves and tissues are stretched or damaged during the operation, which may cause numbness for months or even a year. This is normal and will followIt gradually recovered with the expectation of time.

If your husband feels uncomfortable when you touch your numb part when you are in the same room, you should tell him to reduce the contact with this position.

3. If you replace breast milk after production, the estrogen level in your body will be relatively low, which will reduce your vaginal secretions in the same room, causing pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

If there are such impurities, to reduce discomfort during intercourse, consider using retinal pigment degeneration instead of vaginal discharge.

4. During the same room, don’t forget to take contraceptive measures to prevent pregnancy again.

If you want to enjoy for a while and get pregnant again, the damage to the uterus that has not been completely repaired is very serious.

[Can pregnant women eat durian with a cold]_ Cold during pregnancy _ Impact

[Can pregnant women eat durian with a cold]_ Cold during pregnancy _ Impact

Many women will have lower resistance after pregnancy, and cold resistance is more likely to occur when the resistance becomes lower.

When a pregnant woman has a cold, there are many adverse reactions to her body such as a runny nose, cough, and fever.

And many people will eat some durian when they have a cold to relieve it. Because the existence of durian has high nutritional value, can pregnant women eat durian for a cold?

Durian can be eaten by pregnant women. Durian has very high nutritional value. It is a hot fruit. It can promote blood circulation and dispel cold and relieve menstrual pain. Durian is rich in sugar and it is also very high in the body. It is suitable for people with severe cold.

Durian contains a large number of various vitamins. Vitamin A contained in durian is an essential element for promoting human growth, and it can also increase resistance. Vitamin C can enhance the body’s immunity and prevent colds.

It is because of its nutritional value that durian is known as the king of fruits and nourishing.

Pregnant women can eat durian, but they should also eat less. Due to the high transition and sugar content of durian, if pregnant women often use durian as a tonic, which causes their blood sugar to rise, the baby will be easily overweight, and the chance of giving birth in the future will increase greatly.

In addition, although durian contains cellulose, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Too much consumption will cause tandem and cause constipation, which will increase the burden on pregnant women who are prone to constipation.

In addition, durian is warm and easy to get angry if you eat too much, sore throat, irritability and insomnia can cause fetal fever in pregnant women and damage the health of newborns.

Durian is a hot and dry substance. If you eat too much durian, it will cause dryness to rise and symptoms of dampness. Therefore, hot constitution, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency, and trachea sensitive people will eat durian.There is no benefit, so it is best not to eat durian when pregnant women have a cold.

How do the elderly grasp the timing of nap?

How do the elderly grasp the timing of nap?

First nap must choose the environment, take a nap indoors, do not desk or rely on the sofa, chair to sleep, take a nap time to master, can not sleep immediately after eating.

  It is said that Mr. Zhao, an elderly nursing expert, said that the nap must first choose the environment, do not sleep under the eaves, in the aisles or under the shade of the trees, because after falling asleep, the body temperature drops, the muscles are slack, the capillaries are dilated, the sweat pores are large, and it is easy to catch a cold.

  In fact, take a nap in the room, do not desk or rely on the sofa, the chair sleeps, but should sleep in the bed, so that it will not cause insufficient oxygen absorption, the blood flow in the head is reduced and “brain anemia” occurs, and the sleeping belt can be avoided.The oppression of the eye, the numbness of the hands and legs, etc.

  Once again, the timing of taking a nap should be mastered. You should not sleep immediately after eating a meal. Just after eating a digestive organ, you are working. At this time, a nap will reduce your digestive function. You should sleep 30 minutes after a meal.

At the same time, sleep time after meals should not be too long, usually 1 hour is better.

  Finally, if you can sleep for 30 minutes before lunch, it is better than sleeping after a meal, especially for the elderly or those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A nap before meals can reduce the risk of cerebral infarction.

The old man’s ear is clearly focused on daily health care

The old man’s ear is clearly focused on daily health care

Senile deafness generally has the following manifestations: when people talk, they often fight, often have a lot of jokes, which makes the elderly feel very embarrassed; watching TV, listening to the radio often makes the sound loud, but other people can not stand it;Because of deafness, they are often reluctant to interact with people. When others are talking and laughing, they often leave alone or open their eyes; because of the lack of contact with people, their character becomes more and more lonely, weird, suffers from certainInfluence, prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Have one of the above symptoms, should go to the hospital in time.

  According to experts, if you want to keep your ears clear when you are old, you must first have a healthy body, create a good living environment, face everything with a happy mood every day, and pay attention to: nicotine in smoking cigarettes and smoking cigarettes.Chronic alcoholism can directly damage the auditory bones, the nerve cells and the nerve center.

Alcohol and alcohol cause induced stretching disorder of the cerebral blood vessels, resulting in insufficient blood supply in the ear, causing hearing loss.

  Careful use of drugs for the elderly must be careful to use toxic drugs that damage the auditory nerve, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin and so on.

Salicylic acid preparations should also be used with caution.

  Physical exercise should adhere to strengthening physical exercise, such as frequent running, dancing swords, tai chi, etc., to enhance the blood flow around the body to improve the nutritional supply of the inner ear.

Exercise is best started after middle age, and it must be continued for a long time.

  According to experts, senile deafness can usually be treated with some nutrient nerves, but the effect is still not ideal. If it is not recoverable, you should choose the right hearing aid immediately.

But don’t buy it at will, pay attention to the history of deafness by professional and technical personnel before wearing and purchasing, which is commonly referred to as “audiometry”; understand the main electroacoustic performance indicators of hearing aids, and match the purchase;The commissioning assessment, if it has not been adapted for a week or two, needs to be re-adjusted.

How do unmarried men and women see cohabitation and premarital sex?

How do unmarried men and women see cohabitation and premarital sex?

First: get married before marriage can be exercised in advance of the marriage life, to avoid the situation of “love is easy, live together difficult”, and ultimately because life can not be accommodated, and finally break up the divorce to end.

Second: Whether sexual life is harmonious is an important factor in the stability of life after marriage. The previous blind marriage and mischief caused many people to marry and found that the person with the pillow and this sexual function problem, even unable to bear child, led to endure for a lifetime,Either the divorce ends.

Such a marriage can be said to be a waste of time and waste of energy.

Premarital sex allows the other to test sexual ability and whether sex is harmonious.

Third: At the same time, many people misunderstood the meaning of premarital sex. Even many minors have very incorrect attitudes about sex. They think that sex can happen casually. There is no big deal at all, and they do not know how to protect themselves.

The misconduct of minors often has a lot of negative effects on them.

When many people are in their first-time behavior, they are young and have no experience. They often have the shadow of sex, and even affect the normal sex life for a long time.

This situation occurs in men. Under the influence of nervousness and fear, it is easy to have functional problems. Even because of lack of experience, there is no way to successfully complete the first-time behavior.

For women, they don’t know how to use contraception, and even contraceptive failure can cause indelible harm to the body.

Fourth: What both adults and minors need to pay attention to is that premarital sex must be responsible for their own health.

First, both men and women must learn to protect themselves, take safety measures, use condoms correctly, and prevent infectious diseases.

Second, we must establish a correct sexual psychology and sexual morality, be responsible for our own actions, and be responsible for premarital sexual behavior.

Third, we must have the right way to acquire sexual knowledge and learn the correct sex knowledge.

Obesity and life

Obesity and life

Obesity is caused by excessive human consumption of food, so that excess substances are mainly converted into feces, stored in various tissues and under the skin to form obesity.

When the body weight exceeds 20% of the standard weight, it is excessive, and those who exceed 10% of the standard weight are overweight.

Clinically, obesity is divided into two categories: simple and secondary, but most obesity is pathological.

Simple obesity often has a family history, childhood obesity, a small number of cells hypertrophy, common causes of obvious; secondary obesity mostly due to excessive intake or low consumption caused by micro-cell hypertrophy.

  Obesity generally does not affect sexual life, especially in most simple obese people with normal sexual function, only a few sexual dysfunction, the reason is that obesity patients with diabetes, hypertension, bone and joint degeneration, causing impotence, not ejaculation, libidolow.

There are also obese patients, which may cause inconvenience during sexual intercourse. The overweight trunk is pressed against the other person, making the other person uncomfortable, or having to open their legs to have sexual intercourse, and even the penis cannot enter the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Obesity has problems in image and self-confidence. Individuals’ social unsuccessfulness and increased depression can affect sexual life.

  Secondary obesity is associated with excessive sexual dysfunction, male blood plasma ketone is low, estrogen is high, and sexual desire is too low.

There is also a low myogenic tone of hereditary endocrine abnormalities, low intelligence, and low libido development.

Obesity patients generally take weight-loss drugs have no direct effect on sexual function, but recombinant nerves are excited, insomnia, dreams, palpitations, which indirectly affect the sexual activity of some patients.

Therefore, obesity patients must have confidence in adhering to comprehensive treatment, reduce additional emotional stress, worry, regular life, scientific diet, active exercise, and comorbidities should actively treat comorbidities.

Essential oil slimming

Essential oil slimming

Essential oil slimming principle: use the essential oils such as Ma Qiaolian, Rosemary, Basil and other essential oils with lymphatic drainage effect, clear the lymph, dissolve the traces, eliminate excess water in the body, tighten the skin and achieve slimming purposes.

  Fever City: Shanghai Temperature: 39°C Popularity: ★★★★ Operation Points: 1. Dissolve and use essential oil with reduced fat and decompression to massage, which can accelerate cell metabolism and a small amount of consumption, while allowing the active ingredients of essential oilsQuickly penetrate into the skin, play the role of detoxification, firming and moisturizing; 2, the fat-fried film wraps the fresh-keeping film to the part that needs to lose weight, and uses the broken fat meter to crush the part where the weight loss is needed, vibrate 5?
10 minutes, smash slightly, then enter the space capsule 10?
20 minutes to promote detoxification; 3, tighten the use of slimming instrument to strengthen the skin tightness.

  The entire process takes about 90 minutes.

  After skinny maintenance: a reasonable diet, with slimming foods such as lactic acid bacteria and other intestinal drinks.

  Note: There are severe hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, female physiological period, pregnancy, skin disease patients should not be used.

  Effect: Every time you lose weight, you can use essential oils and instruments together, 2 per week?
3 times, the effect will be more obvious.

  Suitable for people: people with simple obesity.

  Safety factor: 5 price: membership system, 500?
1000 yuan / time course: 5 times for a course of treatment

Dietary guidelines for patients with esophageal cancer

Dietary guidelines for patients with esophageal cancer

As the saying goes: Three points and seven points, that is to say, in the treatment of diseases, we must also pay attention to the replacement of nursed back to health.

In the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with esophageal cancer, especially in the diet, what should the patients with esophageal cancer pay attention to in terms of diet?

Let’s take a look at the following.

Esophageal cancer acute patients diet guidelines 1, eat small meals, eat 5-6 times a day, every time you can not eat too full, according to the situation, appropriate increase or decrease in the number of eating, eating high protein digestible food.

2, the diet needs to gradually transition, from thin to thick, should be in the order of “clear liquid → fluid → semi-liquid → soft rice → general food”.

3, take a sitting position or bedside, raise the bed 30-45 degrees forward, eat slowly, so that saliva and food are fully mixed, avoid overeating.

Do not lie flat immediately after eating, should get out of bed properly, reduce eating or not eating before going to bed.

4, a reasonable mix of nutrition, for patients with esophageal cancer, there are symptoms of dysphagia, loss of appetite, etc., appropriate increase in protein protein, the proportion of conversion.

Choose light, soft, digestible foods such as porridge, steamed eggs, rice paste, noodles, taro, stewed meat, vegetables, fruits, etc., do not eat spicy food, smoking wine.

5, in the case that the patient’s hospitalization function has not fully recovered, the food should be controlled according to the condition, eat less meals, and gradually increase the food intake to ensure effective absorption of food, to avoid cough, bloating, reflux and other discomfort.

Precautions in the diet of patients with esophageal cancer When the patient feels convulsions, do not swallow, otherwise it will stimulate local cancer tissue bleeding, spread, metastasis and pain.

In the case of severe sputum, you should enter the food or semi-liquid food.

Avoid eating cold food, place colder noodles earlier and in time, milk, egg soup, etc. can not drink.

Because the narrow part of the esophagus is very irritating to cold food, it is easy to cause rupture of the esophagus, nausea and vomiting, pain and numbness.

Therefore, eating warm food is better.

Do not eat spicy, spicy, stinky, awake irritating foods, because these foods can also cause obstruction of the esophagus, causing discomfort to the patient.

For patients with esophageal cancer who are unable to eat at all, intravenous nutrient should be used to enter nutrients to maintain the needs of the patient’s body.