[Color Marshmallow Ingredients]_How to do_How to do

[Color Marshmallow Ingredients]_How to do_How to do

Marshmallow is a memory of generations because of its white fluffy appearance like cotton, sweet and delicious.

At present, marshmallow is still a favorite snack for many children, and it also extends colored marshmallows. It is often seen in shopping malls, parks, and amusement parks. For this novel production method, many people are concerned about colored marshmallow raw materials.thing.

Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, please pay attention to the production of seven-colored marshmallows. Do not choose cotton candy that is usually eaten at home. Because of the molecular structure, this type of sugar has a poor silking effect during production, but it will affect the production of the second.There must be certain specifications, not too long, too thick, but also not too short, too thin, which is not conducive to the production, and will affect the choice of tangled sugar: it must be granulated crystal white granulated sugar, eachA piece of sugar is a separate crystal. Such sugars have a certain sequence when they are melted. The silk will be very regular. The seven-color flower marshmallow is more beautiful. The choice of bamboo sticks: you must remember the sign.It takes people’s two hands to hold the rotation, so it is too short to hold easily, too long to be restricted and difficult to operate. It should be replaced with a length of 35 cm-40 cm, which is 0 in thickness.

A 4 cm lottery, this kind of lottery is the best tool for making colorful flowers marshmallows. When making colorful flowers marshmallows, there is another ingredient that is essential, that is, water, because you need to get the lotion when making colorful flowers marshmallows.Keep it in front and back so that it is easier to stick with sugar, and water can help the sign to squeeze out the flower shape again when making petals