[Man’s temperament from bedtime actions]

[Man’s temperament from bedtime actions]

Sometimes men are very aware of their land ownership, as if dividing the fragments of life into the mysterious X file, so that women who want to know them can not get a glimpse.

However, there must be evacuation of Baimi. In the short moment before bedtime, men have shown their most self-conscious lifestyle and state of mind.

Here, we scan the men ‘s psychological secret actions by scanning their behavior before going to bed!


Before going to bed, he would go to a bar to analyze the psychology of the man in the bar: he is a man with a big mood fluctuation, and his mood is full of anger and sorrow.

However, in order to let everyone see his mature and introverted, he will quietly hide his emotions, and let out in the bar, seeking psychological balance.

For love, he has a polarized principle: one-night stand is not ruled out, but he will still associate with a stable and married woman.

He needs a fixed relationship to make his mood attached, but his short-lived passion is another emotional outlet for him.

So when you fall in love with this kind of man, you must be mentally prepared. He is a man who follows the “mood” and “feel”.