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[What special snacks does Dali Old Town have?


Dali Ancient City This is a very good tourist spot. It has a lot of attractions, and many people go to Dali Ancient City every year.

The attraction of Dali Ancient City is not only its landscape, but also many special foods, some nutritious grilled milk fans, delicious bacon blocks, and cool chicken noodles.Describe in detail what special snacks there are in Dali Old Town.

Food one: grilled milk fans. There are two types of grilled milk fans: grilled and fried. When you come to Dali, you must taste the milk fans.

The milk fan is a milk product produced in Wuyuan, Dali. It is boiled with fresh milk and mixed with three to one edible acid to condense. It is made into pieces and has a unique shape. It is a small number of thin slices that are milky white and creamy yellow.It is shaped like a horn-shaped bamboo fan, with gripping feet on both ends, and wrapped around a thin pole to dry. It is a special type of cheese.

You can see milk fan stalls on many streets. There are two types of grilled and fried. The milk fan is coated with rose sauce or chocolate sauce. The entrance is instant and delicious.

In the ancient city of Dali, the most famous grilled milk fan is the Yangji milk fan. The owner has been making the milk fan for many years. Now the two Yangji plums in the middle of Renmin Road in the ancient city are her own shop.

Each milk fan is 5 yuan each, the taste is crispy and delicious, and the mouth is melted.

PS: Among the Yang Kee milk fans, in addition to roasted milk fans, they are very popular.

Many snacks in the store, such as various kinds of preserved fruits, plums, custard, and plum wine are the best choices for tourists.

Food two: Burning bait blocks Burning bait blocks are now kneaded with noodles and ground into round packages, and then burned to Yunnan. Everyone knows that there is a snack in Kunming called “bait block”.

People always treat it as breakfast, put on sweet sauce, hot sauce, fermented bean curd, pickled vegetables, etc., and add a fritter in the bait, and breakfast is very happy.

The method of burning bait blocks is completely different from that of Kunming.

Press the steamed rice noodles on a marble plate, put different spices, sauces, bean sprouts, etc. on the marble plate, wrap them into the shape of “dumplings”, and roast them on the charcoal fire.The flavor of the ingredients is a must.

Dumpling-like, taste delicious PS: In Dali ancient city, the one with the best taste of roasted bait is located in Wuhualou, 15 miles north?
A small stand at 20 meters.

The boss’s bait is made from fresh noodles, and different ingredients are added according to the choice of the diners, such as sweet, spicy, and salty flavors.

However, the special feature here is to have a bit of everything, with the meat sauce made by the lady, it tastes great!

Food 3: The cold chicken rice noodles in Yunnan’s food is just a staple food-rice noodles. There are many ways to make rice noodles in different places in Yunnan, such as small pot rice noodles, halogen rice noodles, cold rice noodles, or bridge rice noodles.Quite a lot, each with its own flavor.

In Dali, nothing is more famous than chicken rice noodles, which is a kind of snack popular with tourists at home and abroad. It is both cheap and distinctive.

Speaking of cold chicken rice noodles, the ingredients are praiseworthy. Rice noodles (also cold noodles or roll noodles) are added with sweet and salty soy sauce, vinegar, peanut butter, pepper, sesame oil, garlic oil, salt, MSG and other ingredients, plus cookedThe cold chicken shreds are “dissolved”, and the marinade of walnut sauce and small powder is delicious and refreshing.

Such snacks have PS in the streets of the ancient city of Dali: In the ancient city of Dali, as long as you ask the locals where the cold chicken rice noodles are the best.

They will tell you without hesitation that there are three cold chicken rice noodle shops on Renmin Road called “Return to Look Back”, all of which are authentic.

The three stores are opened by the same sister. No matter the spring, summer, autumn and winter, Luoque at the door, in addition to selling rice noodles, noodles, and roll noodles, there are a lot of delicious food.