[How to get fishy smell]_fishy smell_how to remove_how to remove

[How to get fishy smell]_fishy smell_how to remove_how to remove

Fish meat is rich in nutritional value. You must eat fish often, especially if you have children at home, but it ‘s easy to have fishy smell if you do n’t make it well. Now let ‘s teach you a few ways to make fish delicious and not fishy.The fish will be more perfect.


Go fishy late and put ginger.

When cooking fish, some people like to put ginger with the fish, and think that this can remove fishy fish.

In fact, premature ginger release will combine with fish leaching protein to hinder the deodorizing effect of ginger.

You can cook the fish in the pot for a while, and then put the ginger after the protein has solidified; you can also cook a small amount of vinegar and cooking wine when the pot is broken, so that it can remove the greasy and greasy flavor.

If you still feel a fishy smell, sprinkle some minced garlic before it comes out of the pan. The effect is very good, especially for continuous frozen fish.


Roasted fish prevents minced meat.

Before making braised fish, fry or fry the fish in the pan first. The oil volume should be large and the oil temperature should be high.

When cooking fish, the soup should not be too much. Generally, the water is not too much.

Do not flip the fish. During the cooking process, use a spoon to continuously pour the soup on the fish. This will keep the fish’s flavour and maintain the original shape of the fish.


Anti-stick frying pan.

You can put some oil in the hot pan and sprinkle some salt, or wipe the pan with ginger after cleaning the pan.

Heat the pan thoroughly and increase the oil temperature. Add the fish. When the fish encounters high oil temperature, the epidermis will immediately harden and will not stick to the pan. Then use a low fire to fry the fish thoroughly.


Steam the fish with boiling water.

When steaming fish, first boil the water in the pot, and then steam the fish, do not use cold water.

Because when the fish is exposed to high temperatures, the external tissue solidifies, which can lock the fresh juice inside.

Before steaming, it is best to sprinkle some chicken or lard on the fish, which can be replaced with fish to make it more tender and tender.

You can also seal the plastic wrap to prevent the umami of the fish from running away or dripping the steamer water to dilute the taste of the fish.


Frozen fish is cooked with milk.

When cooking fish that are continuously placed in the refrigerator, put some fresh milk in the soup to increase the fish taste.

After the fish is taken out of the refrigerator, it is best to thaw naturally. It can also be thawed in a container with salt. The purpose is to freeze the protein in the frozen fish meat slowly with salt to prevent the loss of liquid and loss of nutrition.