[How to save melon for a long time]_Save method_How to save

[How to save melon for a long time]_Save method_How to save

Winter melon can actually be stored for a very long time, but you must master the method of preservation, otherwise it will become a deterioration of your own preserved winter melon, usually it needs to be stored in a ventilated room, soOnly in this way can you make your air circulation better, and also reduce the humidity in the room. This way of storage can be stored for about three to five months.

Winter melon can be harvested 30-35 days after the flower fades.

Before harvest, not fertilizing or watering, in order to facilitate enhanced photosynthesis of melon, melon reduce the water content, so as to increase the storage time of Wax.

When harvesting, they are usually cut down with scissors to prevent the vines from being strained, and the melons and fruits should be handled lightly and should not be injured for easy storage.

However, after mature melon close, if it is harvested too late, then too ripe melon, the meat will become soft, not storage and transportation.

After the melon is mature, it is dark skin color, hair rarely, in order to improve its economic benefits, can be listed in advance.

Storage of melon should choose thick skin, flesh, dense texture, shiny green skin, covered with wax, the same size, late-maturing varieties of large unbroken.

Warehouse determined by the size of the number of reservoirs, usually about 30 square meters, can store 5000 one thousand melon.

Warehouse mostly semi-underground, high 3.

6 meters, above and below ground portions of the high-1.

8 m, a window set around the library, opening all around, to facilitate ventilation.

2-3 days before the pit closed melon storage library, with potassium permanganate fumigation.

Library pad bottom hay or straw mat, melon placed above, generally not more than three layers stacked to avoid crushing damage.

According to the state to be placed in the field grown melon, melon so can maintain the original direction of gravity, easy flesh laceration, a longer storage time.

Melon initial pit entry enhance ventilation, ventilation windows open at noon high temperature, cooling to facilitate cooling, exclusion of moisture, humidity reduction, holding cavities dried.

Melon During storage, the temperature was maintained at 10-15 deg.]C pits, relative humidity maintained at 70% -75%, in order to avoid frost damage.

It can generally be stored 3-5 months.

[4]sweet melon, cold, heat dissipation, diuresis, swelling effect.

Winter melon is toxic and has good adjuvant treatment for arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, ascites, coronary heart disease, hypertension, nephritis, swelling and other diseases.

“Dietary spectrum of living with interest”: “If pregnant women eat regularly, zebu poison will make children disease-free.

“Winter melon also has functions such as detoxification.

Glycolic acid contained in melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the melon itself does not contain trace amounts and the conversion is not high. It is of great significance to prevent the body from gaining weight and can help the body to be fit.

The seeds and skins of the melon can also be used as medicine, and the melon meat and coriander have diuretic, heat-clearing, phlegm-reducing, and thirst-relieving effects.

It can also treat edema, asthma, heat, and hemorrhoids.

The skin melon soup to drink, can reach swelling diuretic effect Jieshu[5].

Melon son (also known as white melon seeds, melon kernels, melon seeds, melon petals, melon rhinoceros) melon seeds, clearing the lungs phlegm effect.

Melon vines decoction has a unique effect for rectal prolapse disease.

Vine melon juice for cleansing, bathing, can whitening skin, shiny skin, inexpensive natural cosmetic agent according to[5].