[How long is the black chicken stew suitable?]_ How to stew_How to stew

[How long is the black chicken stew suitable?]_ How to stew_How to stew

The difference between the black chicken and the ordinary chicken is that its skin is black, and the black chicken contains some special ingredients, which play a very good role in the female body. So for women, eating more black chicken can supplement their blood.And maintain skin elasticity.

Black chicken is usually used for stewing soup, because it can exert the best effect.

But how long does it take to stew black chicken soup?

How long is the stewed black chicken soup suitable? How long is the stewed black chicken soup suitable?

Cantonese people stew the old fire soup for 7 or 8 hours. The gas and natural gas are burned too much. Is this wayward?

Of course it’s not good. It can’t be stewed continuously.

When searching for the practice of stewing black chicken soup on the Internet, I will always see that stewing black chicken soup takes 2 hours, or 3 hours. After seeing more, I start to feel dizzy. How many hours should stew black chicken soup be?

Shall the black chicken stew be simmered for 7 or 8 hours?

Is it better to simmer longer?

Or is it enough to simmer for 2 hours?

After drinking the old fire soup soup, it is clear that the soup taste is very strong, but in order to pursue delicious and neglect nutrition instead.

Do n’t simmer the black chicken soup for too long, otherwise the nutrition of the black chicken will be lost a lot. Generally, it will simmer for about 2 hours. The nutrition of the ingredients may be retained or infiltrated into the soup.2 hours is more appropriate.

The stew for 1 hour didn’t feel enough, and the taste of the ingredients was not fully distributed.

Black chicken stew is usually stewed in a casserole. When stewed in a pressure cooker, the quality of the black chicken is not so tender and smooth, and the taste is not good.

Nutritional value of stewed black chicken soup

Maybe everyone ‘s first reaction is that the protein is rich. This black guy is actually a high protein and low aunt ingredient. Do n’t worry about getting fattened in the winter to drink black chicken soup. Black chicken is only a quarter of ordinary chicken.And the nutritional value is higher than ordinary chicken.

In winter, it is necessary to eat meat and soup willfully.

Let ‘s take a closer look at the nutritional value of stewed black chicken soup. Let ‘s move the stool and feel it.

Anti-aging, mother is not sister!

Sister is not aunt!

I don’t know if you have experienced every time you go shopping with your mom, acquaintances laugh and say that you are not two sisters?

Take the subway and take the bus called the aunt by the little fart?

As a girl, my mood is really complicated. Eat more black chicken soup. The vitamin A, trace elements selenium and melanin in black chicken can eliminate free radicals in the body and prevent the skin from becoming more beautiful.

When my aunt reported that she would never be afraid of pain, no matter whether she was a mother or not, some people would be entangled by irregular menstruation, especially if it hurts every month.

Stew some black chicken soup and drink it, which can treat irregular menstruation, or take menstrual medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Intelligence is rising, brain holes are opened in minutes. Black chickens contain DHA and EPA. These two substances are good for intellectual development. When the babies are older, they can feed them black chickens.!!

Improving immunity, colds, fever, not looking for you The rich variety of amino acids in black chicken, a total of 18 amino acids, usually eat something to improve immunity.

Immunity has improved, so naturally I am not afraid of some small diseases, such as colds, fevers, etc.