[Effects and effects of mountain peppers]_Benefits_Use

[Effects and effects of mountain peppers]_Benefits_Use

Japanese pepper, also known as Japanese pepper, is a kind of condiment, like Japanese pepper, it can be a good flavor when it is cooked. Japanese food is often seasoned with Japanese pepper.

Mountain pepper is a condiment and a traditional Chinese medicine. Many people use mountain pepper to make tea. Some Chinese medicine doctors also like to put some mountain pepper when they prescribe medicine. So what is the effect and function of mountain pepper?

Mountain pepper is the fruit of camphor plant, the pepper is also called mountain pepper, wood pulp, mountain dragon, thunder, wild pepper, fragrant leaves, hawthorn red, stinking sylvestris, and mountain pepper have moderate temperature and coldEfficacy, peppercorns have no effect on stroke, cold and pain in the confidant, peppercorn roots, branches, leaves, fruits for medicinal purposes, rheumatism, swelling, detoxification, analgesic effect.

The effectiveness of mountain pepper: medicine name: mountain pepper alias: mountain pepper, wood pulp, mountain dragon, thunder, wild pepper, fragrant leaves, hawthorn red, scotch name research: original plant tendon tree, also known as: Vitex negundo L., Youjinnan, Fake firewood, Stinky firewood, Hook camphor, Fake dry firewood, Chicken rice wind, Beef tendon strips, Swindle maple, White leaf maple, Laolaihong Source: Dicotyledon medicinal camphor plant,The fruit of camphor pepper.

Medicinal part: Fruit of the tendon tree.

Fruits and leaves can be used to extract aromatic oils as food and cosmetic essences; seeds contain thin oils, which can be used to make soap and mechanical lubricants; roots, branches, leaves, and fruits are used for medicinal purposes.
Sexual taste: Sin, warm.

Meridian: into the heart, spleen two meridiansEfficacy: warm in the cold.

Indications: Healing strokes without speaking, cold and pain in his heart.

Efficacy classification: Wenli medicine Indications: cold pain in the abdomen; full chest and boring stuffing; surgical usage: oral administration: decoction.

The role of mountain pepper: 1, the pepper does not speak of a stroke: dried pepper, 5 grams of yellow vitex.

A total of mashed, soaked in water.

(“Shaanxi Chinese Herbal Medicine”) 2. Mountain pepper treats malignant sore and swollen poison: mountain pepper leaf, hibiscus flower leaf, and vestibular cotyledon.

Totally smashed and applied topically.

(Jiangxi “Handbook of Herbal Medicine”) 3. Mountain pepper treats asthma: 100g fruit of mountain pepper, one pay for pig lungs.

Add rice wine, light or sweet stew.

Finished once or twice.

(Jiangxi “Handbook of Herbal Medicine”) 4. Peppercorns cure colds, headaches and fever: 50g of peppercorns and 40g of white horse bone.


(Jiangxi “Handbook of Herbal Medicine”) 5. Pepper treats traumatic bleeding: appropriate amount of pepper leaves, ground powder, and sesame oil.

(“Jiangxi Herbs”) The practice of mountain pepper fish: Mountain pepper is also known as wood ginger, which is both a spice and a health product. It has a unique aroma and is especially suitable for cooking fish.

1. First, cut and wash the fish, cut into pieces, and cut the fish head into two pieces.

2. Put lard, stir-fry two ginger slices in oil, then fry fish head, fish tail, and fish bones in the pot at mid-section, add some salt, and pour boiling water in the pot to cook.

3, after the oil smokes, put the pepper, after the flavor is fried, put MSG, shallots, celery, stir.